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  • Ima beat this nigga like a scape goat
  • ima stab him right in his throat
  • his friends keep sugar coating him, acting likes he talented
  • too bad, his love wasn't enough, otherwise his girlfriend wouldn't have deserted him
  • fly on the wall told me, she cheated on him apparently the D wasn't good enough so she depleted his wallet
  • Ez Khay is foolish, thinking he can beat me, too bad all his work is equivalent to rubbish
  • Thing hes the Goat like Eminem, too bad his career been on a floatie since day one
  • im like hurricane dorian, i hit hard, only the one percent can defeat me
  • Your not one of them, ima beat your ass, just like your ex bitch, im throw you to the streets
  • now your trapped, and no nigga, you aint good at boombap rap.
  • nigga your meat is spoiled, i heard your good at sucking, why dont you suck on these big nuts
  • I heard you allow people to spill your guts, come here give me that butt
  • dude, stop being a slut, you uncut maggot, with all that smut coming out your mouth
  • heard you live southside, why dont you bust a nut, nigga focus on school, your grades is fucked
  • you said you wished you had money to buy a pool, selling nudes on onlyfans wont pool enough money to help you
  • Your like kaylee, a pussy, you have no motivation, wanted to kill yourself
  • heard you were tryna dominate the rap game, tryna replace plaz, your a misfit
  • i think its time you take a flight out of the rap game, you bright up noones world, yeah goons willing to fight you
  • i think its safe to compare you to alvin, an annoying squeaky ass piece of nothing
  • now that your career is over i think its safe to close the coffin, just dont forget to come out the closet


  • I'm sick and tired of the new kids joining with a chip on their shoulders
  • Seems like the more "motivation" you get you become bolder
  • Since you think this will be an ECW I'ma have to reach in my bag
  • You fall short like hornswoggle beatin' me is a drag
  • I'm the booker and I'll decide how this story's told
  • This is just the vignette since your accusations are so bold
  • You thought your outcome in this battle would be for better but it's for worst
  • Challenged me to a sword fight, ends with my kids behind bars, hope this quenches her thirst
  • Off with his head, let it hang from my wall like a prize for this feat
  • Saying you're after my crown? You're not fit to compete
  • I know you're salty because you didn't get exactly what you want
  • You talked about Ruth not handling feedback but you took mine straight to the heart
  • I notice how you're trying to pull Puppet's strings for popularity
  • But then you regretted your decision and said "it's a joke" im sincerity
  • Faking your retirement as a publicity stunt? What kind of Logic is that?
  • I guess it's time to burn these bridges, you ain't ever comin' back
  • You're such a hypocrite, talkin' shit about people who can't take criticism
  • But you got pissed off when I gave you my opinion on your lyricism
  • I'm sorry for bursting your bag but your discography's a dissapointment

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