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Battle on September 30 2021


This rap was deleted.


  • Stay in ya lane or I’m turnin that shit to ya pit stop
  • When I leave ya dead Prez, you know it’s bigger than hip hop
  • But y’all know the puppet ain’t just in it to get guap
  • While suckers sellin souls for some chick and a wrist watch
  • Open challenge after open challenge, still ain’t earned no respect
  • My shit been ill, think Gill can make a splash? Don’t hold ya breath
  • I’m just talkin my shit, barely even battled and you got more losses than wins
  • Even when I started off as a kid, more pockets got picked than Oliver Twist
  • I came up in the underground, you just caught up in it’s bottomless pit
  • Got Cheech and Chong as ya pic but you ain’t even want smoke from a bong or a spliff
  • Took this light but still got em shakin more than epilepsy
  • Known for body after body, my Motto’s check the Tekneek
  • Already won this clear, I run shit here, what’s the prez to a king?
  • I just spit better, think SPECTRE the way I come for heads in the ring
  • MCs talkin well fuck I care what they do? Used MS Paint once and claim these punks spray tools
  • So fuck the freedom of Prez, these hands leavin a mess you’ll see on front page news

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