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  • mangling mercenaries victorious versifier
  • Live wire ignite, amidst the crossfire
  • In my heart it burns this fire
  • The best til' I retire cuz that's my desire
  • With the type of tribal recitals that's setting Satan on fire
  • Some girls don't like it and you know who you are
  • I abore fake styles with a smile, pass the anger
  • You'll moan in the boot camp trifle soldier
  • Carve a mark on my chest, for every wanted challenger
  • Yo. they played ya out like a soldier
  • And wearin a three-piece suit, you still a two-shot Derringer
  • Now I done came up, and become a true soldier,
  • Maulin gangsta gangsta, yes my life's in danger
  • Never take this ring off my finger
  • You st-st-st-st-stutter, but I'm a stinger
  • I don't know who you think you are
  • It's that hip-hop shit filled with anger
  • Born dead from American hunger
  • Everybody knows who you really are
  • The sling slang master, five mics I'm after
  • You're my Shining Star, no matter who you are
  • I'm lacing this track I attack with anger
  • Call ya dojos, this man remind me of a soldier
  • Huh, you try to run, I hunt you like a ninja
  • An older woman randomly caught in the path of danger
  • Gave the gangsta flava they bang in their CD changer
  • No payola ain't the way of a soldier
  • Know how to bogart, and never trust a stranger
  • What they say: You ain't nothin' but a soldier
  • Wrinkles my gainer, but in time we'll live in danger
  • Exotic, anticipated, who is it, that you are?
  • From a pool of danger I speak with anger
  • See them cowards be in the club trouble we are
  • And recognized what's built and what stems from the author
  • I told you from the gate, mothafuck who you are
  • You want a rapper, are you an actor?
  • Who don't know who I are
  • No time to be an actor
  • No matter where you are
  • I'm releasin anger


  • It's like watching pac in his prime/
  • I'm back chillin with a friend of mine
  • My nigga pac, be ready for whatever
  • If u believe that, nigga you is dumb as ever
  • Cos my mac ten sprays like 'pac then (the old days)
  • And i got them gold bottles, first place
  • Like pac said, man keep your head up even when you're fed up
  • If heaven had a height then you would be that tall but
  • Lets appreciate all the beauty in this life
  • Mobb deep, biggie, pac, and shady were the best alive,
  • And just in time your head is mine
  • Like a even better pac in his prime
  • Sometimes a beef erupts like big and pac shakur,
  • Stir up all these feelings inside of her
  • But we’ve been going through this thang since way back
  • Pinch pitching for hitchcock up in heaven with pac
  • Pac was like jesus for me, but nas wrote the bible
  • Every since then our whole city been horrible
  • I'm like the man on mars; i'm high as hell
  • I'm hot as hell, don i'll give you pac and l
  • But i just wanna know if i speak could you listen
  • Was pac right about being conceived in prison
  • That means biggie and pac are still on the mic
  • But it seems like a scene outta flick

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