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  • Nothin set in stone but graveyard bones
  • I pray im not alone by that day
  • No control with faith
  • In my zone like auto or touchdown
  • Cant be locked down
  • Gotta free my mind through lines thrown around
  • Similar to coke or dope in the sinus
  • Clean flows like soap yet death defyin
  • Yes i am
  • A little lucky as the ex man
  • That stood with many drugs as sellin was the plan
  • But didnt work well less clientele
  • Than expected injected in veins was their blessin
  • Check it
  • No more that war on the raps
  • Sword as the mic go to war with that
  • And as such ive had been passed blunts
  • That had thoughts on paper with a bit of guts
  • No love just confused substitute
  • Drug abuse wounds deep as potholes in pools
  • Gettin schooled by me
  • Ya could as a written no detention
  • Pay attention like it was for the credit
  • Respect it
  • Intelligent i keepem guessin
  • Whats what
  • And such
  • Tryin to blow up like amir in a sand hut
  • But this damn stuff got no equipment
  • So i just spit it like camels with a cig lit


  • Sasuke choke a muhfuckah out yuh
  • If I die all this money you goan donate
  • Knock a muhfuckah out need some duct tape
  • Got a femboy all up on me wanna fornicate
  • If that muhfuckah see me I won't hesitate
  • You goan see me run dem pockets up like head a state
  • Young bitch fry you up just like futurama
  • Mighta' heard about yo bullshit but I don't want drama
  • Skinny white girl with me wasted off uh vodka
  • See dat red dot on ya then it's time vuh trauma
  • Wrap this pussy with a bow just like JoJo Siwa
  • A R rite inside my closet just like JoJo Si Was
  • Make yo ass go to sleep like I'm fuckin' Sandman
  • Tarantino I get bloody with a fuckin' choppa'
  • Cameras all up on me just like Total Drama
  • Boy yo bitch ass stink like A Fish Named Wanda
  • Dat boi dick stink like his muhfuckin' momma
  • Bitch I'm hot as fuck they all call me jambalaya
  • Con his ass a money I'm a pretty lil lye uh
  • Shoot his shot down like a fuckin' ace fly uh
  • And if that tigga hot I might eat his chimichanga
  • If my name ring bells then it ringin' Big Ben
  • I go state to state like I'm fuckin' Ben Ten
  • Helpin' fuckahs out like my name is Sinjin
  • Might just throw yo ass out in the garbage bin
  • Aim it yuh feet bet I'll get ya dancin'
  • Double oh seven my gun golden
  • Twenty four karat that's the way that I'm bossin'
  • If you talkin shit you wont need to be damm flossin'
  • Got a NIKE Shop guess I'm really Rick Rossin'
  • Bullets touch yo kids call em bitches Shane Dawson
  • Asked me if I heard em boy you musta' been joshin'

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