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Diss Battle Bring the heat ----|> If you lose you join AR Gang <|----

Max of 17 lines


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  • First rap too good at this shit
  • Im a natural take a look at this shit
  • Beat a pro rapper pfft hurry up and quit
  • Boutta kill this kid Ar Darky on this kid
  • Scoped in headshot boy i got you body bag
  • u a poor boy battle me be ur mistake
  • u another one plastic surgeon coz ur fake
  • Boy got no balls u cant ejaculate
  • Imma ruin ur rap career i aint even trying
  • Don't worry it won't take too long bitch stop ur complaining
  • Ar gang gonna bap ur head like shit aint even aiming
  • You can sit in ur loser corner cunt yeah i am winning
  • Imma aussie your ass like im crocodile
  • you cannot keep up with my lifestyle
  • one look at you well send u into juvenile
  • mugshot look nice bitch take a smile


  • I bust bitches' skulls up like I bust up on her back
  • All yo rap is whack eat you up just like a snack
  • Yo shit got no flava' call dat shit a biscuit tack
  • This ain't Vietnam but I want it painted black
  • He might talk his shit but my thooka talk that smack
  • Smack yo ass down raw dawg like a fuckin' maniac
  • Just know I don't step on cracks to break yo mama's back
  • But I be up in that crack to break yo momma back
  • I got bitches suckin' me I call dem' bitches Drac
  • My music so holy that she amen to the track
  • Boy don't Forrest Gump me ain't no ping pong back to back
  • End up like Lieutenant Dan bust yo kneescaps crack!
  • If I shoot don't boomerang bish ain't no comin' back
  • My bars got dem layers yeh they match up with my stacks
  • Get yo self uh repertoire cause that is what you lack
  • Don't you ever forget killin' careers is my knack!

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