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Pretend I'm a bitch and let's battle

Max of 18 lines


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Battle on August 14 2021


  • I'm some bitch from a band with tats I like to play the flute
  • Guys Like to call me the one who is pretty cute
  • You haven't said a word yo your pretty mute
  • That's why we fucking excluded you from the group
  • Don't step on my toes before I give you the boot
  • That's for fucking up my day and my fucking mood
  • And I hate to so rude rude
  • But I'm about to win win your about to lose lose


  • Fucking wow look another used up toy with guys playing with you
  • Bitch I bet you use your mouth for other things besides playing the flute
  • Hammer goes bang bang in your path so forget the rail on the rest
  • Tell me I'm wrong but your man Thor really hit the nail on the head
  • Your time has the limits your rhyming skill level isn't proficient
  • Creatively deficient Anything you do just isn't artistic
  • If I had a dick it why stick it in you and try to risk it?
  • Catching a STD with it forget it I rather catch a biscuit
  • I'm kicking your fanny what do they call you Jake the tranny?
  • Why your face looking saggy? Looking 40 years older than my granny
  • You talk about guys are your friends but nah they are customers why?
  • Because your a store they cum in and out of and the customers right
  • You offer them your butt they will pay you with the cheese releasing
  • Your age is speeding for you these bananas are never out of season
  • Keep speaking but I get more respect something that your needing
  • Your no longer fresh and I know your bleeding from the inside screaming

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