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  • i was there for you
  • even when you werent there for me yah yah yah
  • you was my baby even though you was so crazy yah yah yah
  • you know how it be, all bad things come for free on my ma
  • i knew that probobly you eventually was gonna leave and you did
  • i dont know where to go
  • please dont lead me+down your rabbit hole
  • and leave me stuck in wonderland
  • and leave me all alone
  • breakin into tears how could you be so fuckin cold
  • i know this aint my destiny
  • so peace out imma go
  • yo where the loyalty be
  • every second we together on the edge of my seat
  • cuz i already know you gonna cheat
  • you finna leave me in the dust, passed out on the concrete
  • you thinkin you was fazin me hoe
  • by betrayin me hoe
  • but it really turned me to a beast
  • heartbreak damamged my soul
  • i remember it all
  • every single detailof you ridin on me
  • feelin so good, got us causin a psunami
  • i hit from the back and my girl just called me poppy
  • i feel like johny dept now everythings gettin foggy


  • the struggle was hard, a real b**** from the streets
  • i had to lay down my inner thug when i started killin the beats
  • im a goat in the making, i swear it's all that i need
  • they aint believe me when i said it, now they listen when i speak
  • put it all on the line, i been at it all week
  • im hustling and grinding rn as we speak
  • never needed a clique, ive always been unique
  • im sort of in my prime, that was a sneak peak

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