Battles  RockinJays vs Original_fio


32-64 lines, I did 40 lines. Rap about anything, have fun, do you.

Max of 61 lines


Original_fio won this battle!


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  • Off the flow I go, brush up cold snow, seek sleep,
  • Deep hyperthermic stings, pulls conscious strings,
  • Mass verbal splurges purges purpose, pontiff,
  • Off tip These Potent snuffs out brown nosers,
  • Can’t deal with these old posers popping pills,
  • Just keep alive what they used to fill,
  • I’m filling verse of cups of current demonstration
  • In the current, Demolition, detonating, alleviation
  • Curving currency, elegant cursive, cursing bleeps,
  • Even the dragon needs time to sleep,
  • Putting the weight off my shoulder down beneath.
  • A pile of gold, or a cloudy sea, rest the breast of a beast.
  • As smoke billows from the pen of the almighty,
  • Foul lights sleek throw the windows seek,
  • Another day to steep from the pleasure of seeds.
  • My mind planting weeds, i rolls out, smokes out,
  • Never dropped out always drop in, down write to whatever
  • It’s locked in, I’m drop pens, head rolled, slop, second,
  • To none, rock, gems, lock in Cupid got sloppy shots
  • When I step in, I’m shoot-ten, and crop Dust-in,
  • Letting go of souls crushed in, engine, cumbust agin,
  • I’m just a fuck N 10 of tens as the slooths in,
  • We don’t see the shit the same I must contend,
  • I just play the words and trust the wind.
  • Deep dreams I trust the trend. Exhaust burns,
  • A toast to the roast, tender an soaked,
  • Like the head I hope, my hands grip and choke,
  • Unveil, elope of the rope I bust fallopian,
  • With my sword in my fellow pen and mend the ship,
  • Just to win this flick is just a slick mix of fun penmanship,
  • I spent 10 minutes of minting game to send to my fellows
  • Who wit this shit, on this saturated drip, punch-in trade winds,
  • I’m just taking corpse I mean corse of the ship,
  • These dead pirates always after my shit,
  • Yo ho yo ho we just a mad house of vultures culturing
  • Excuse me if I tackle-box and break the tools treasure
  • Burn the ship to the ground before it makes birth
  • Your doctor can’t sign shit if no one said a word,
  • And you never knew what you didn’t if you never where
  • I guess those condoms really said mother to the word.


  • I remember how things looked easy when I was young
  • My name is not Ashley, like the female couldn’t sing, but knew how to use my tongue
  • Remember the masterpiece, where Thieves were Among?
  • It was actually after that when I for myself sprung
  • Can I rap about anything I want? Can I say, dirty little cunt?
  • Excuse, Unfortunately I don't speak French, just know the word 'croissant'.
  • Nowadays I speak Dutch, English and a little bit of Spanish
  • Me trying to learn a new language is somewhat outlandish
  • I'm there, but always silent focus on myself, it's like I vanish
  • I like battling a blind rap, it's almost like a trap to see who's verse has the best wrap
  • Around it like we don't have to pretend, I always intend to end my former self
  • To send my newer version to the next level when I attack or defend the battle I attend to.
  • Let's hope the pads of my raps are getting me a pad on the back
  • 5 stars the new trend instead of them being wack like a rapper on crack
  • Syllables and rhymes just to blend the flow of this track
  • Emotional control, a language I learned, not Español,
  • But a tongue for my soul, to not let my self end up in the hospital
  • Machines and nurses all around me
  • For now playing Earthbound, no death surrounds me
  • I remember the time in the youthful age
  • I'm still young, but now I'm earning myself some wage
  • I'm free now, I used to grow up like a monkey in a cage
  • Dragon Ball Z that was the thing to see, on the TV on Toonami
  • I don't care what others think
  • They couldn't understand me even when their lives are on the brink
  • Time to take your vitamins, some Zinc, let that fact sink
  • In, to let your skin recover from that bad permanent ink
  • You can't see, but I can.
  • Your soul looks like a Coca Cola Zero can
  • Read well to who this lyric plays
  • No disrespect to you RockinJays
  • Just to make that clear, I'm not looking for trouble in here
  • I don't fear anyone and no mod, just the wrath of God
  • But I'm a good guy, I don't steal like Sly and certainly don't shoot at the drive by
  • I'm almost at the end, no reason to overdue it
  • I learned that in every situation I need to overview it
  • That's just home grown education, to stay focused
  • A.K.A. keep my concentration and always being able to keep a clear communication
  • Thank you fort his opportunity so I could write my defense
  • I really hope that the readers of rappad experienced a battle so intense
  • That the air they breath right now is getting too dense
  • Too immense and having trouble to comprehend this defense vs offense.
  • This is it! Here I stand, my verse, my lines, it's the end!

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