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  • Shout out to scary face


  • Uh,
  • VedJTheSicko up in this bitch,
  • I'm finna rap this shit without any hitch so put down that sandwich,
  • I'm gonna get under niggaz skins like a tick.
  • We ride through the streets of the ghetto,
  • You pussies get scared when I bellow cause you sweet as Jell-O,
  • I could kill 3 niggaz with a cello fore they see me and drop their espresso,
  • I beat you with your own wife's stiletto's while she gettin raped in a meadow,
  • My only focus was to get dough, then I started enjoyin bustin macs to defeat foes,
  • Bullet holes left in your people, My flex is I was born in street clothes,
  • This ain't a show so stop the fake oaths or I am gonna slit throats,
  • I could just slip a hole in your boat while you'll be envying my flows,
  • G's and MC's know that I'm the GOAT, so fill yo nose with chalk cause you can't
  • afford coke,
  • I don't propose I impose on you hoes ya'll will dance with what I chose, if you oppose
  • yo mama's address will be blown,
  • Of course you'll be disposed and left to decompose,
  • So don't throw stones if ya dance hugging poles

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