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talk about running into your x after a break dissing

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  • Attract, me and you were like magnets
  • Your saccharine melody and captivating eyes
  • Only made me want to endure your presence even more
  • From phone calls to love letters, you taught me how to love better
  • With a feeling of WHOLESOME, I was WHOLE, convinced this was SO ME
  • You invaded my heart like an army, I willing let you take lead
  • In deep and unwilling to pull out
  • But you changed as I changed and we repelled
  • Said good bye with dry eyes and wished each other well
  • Never looked back or talked, nothing to tell, we both fell
  • You into love again me into drugs again, never one bad word spoken upon any ears
  • Those can be spoken without your name and bring bigger pain in any event
  • I read your the happiest you ever been and had to reinvent your self
  • I guess the memories of me being my happiest was with a person you could not live as
  • So in one episode I rose and bloomed you were welting away in a cocoon
  • I was sitting in a restaurant last week and a beautiful butterfly flew in and pulled up a seat
  • Draining my soul with your charming disguise
  • Our eyes meet and my body awakes
  • Heart still entwined in your cold web of truths
  • Leaving me with stiff, deepening aches
  • The cruel truth strangles me, bringing panic
  • My tongue tangles with words that devour
  • Ones that could never tell your smiles magic
  • Sweet as the summers first rain shower
  • Take my confused heart, Rip it from my chest
  • Free me from the pain of never knowing
  • Tell me now so I can be at rest
  • Don't ignite my love, forever growing
  • Is that our song the piano player is playing
  • I'm just saying that's more then a sign....
  • Like the beautiful wings attached to your spin
  • I couldn't keep you grounded when we walked as one
  • I surely would have worse trouble with a reinvented one
  • I asked her what she was drinking and if I could buy her another one
  • She said a Gibson Martini like the ones you used to make me
  • I looked her in the eyes, "stirred not shaken"
  • She finished my sentence like she did when we where dating
  • I said "coming right up, cant wait to catch up, You don't know how happy this makes me
  • Walked up to the Bartender..."Gibson Martini for the lady please"
  • Then I pulled out a 50 and said "bring it to her after I leave"
  • When she figures out I left she is going to ask why....That's when you reply...
  • Miss all he said is he had to Fly.....and that he had a long walk home because he's the same guy!


  • ran into the X but Y
  • because i always lied
  • i regretted breaking up with her bro
  • i wish i coulda worked things out with the bitch
  • motherfucker created a snowstorm outta one snow ball
  • what the fuck
  • im completely out of luck
  • anyways she hit me uneXpectedaly like the hockey puck
  • fuck her whole life i would still belittle her eXistence
  • i used to be her immortal like evanescence
  • i even told her yo remember when i used to fuck you
  • she said fuck yes and i said fuck you
  • she used to be the damsel i was sun tzu
  • conquering her great walls
  • and i let her polish my cannon balls
  • until they were shinier than mirrors
  • we compared manhoods and her was bigger

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