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Dark horse, hardcore No diss

Max of 19 lines


PsychoPuppet won this battle!


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  • AnD I SaY........∆∆
  • I'ma place a Snipes at you all,then take U all out one by one like a chick on a blind date// still acting orgy like David Duchovny
  • Who knows, maybe I might F*** this whole forum from atop with my pretty Huge D**k(PHD) while you all catch every drop, you beneath me
  • so bad till I cum late// mastry to schemes till am passing the script,, you supporting my lead
  • But when it's down to the pen game, we nothing but pencils in the hands of the creator..
  • Wicked vanacula of henuell hacking a sheet, (yikes!) the "devil made me do it"
  • I've been f***ing the whole game before I grew a pubic
  • Till ill delivered from the WorldOfMysteriousBars ...W.O.M.B
  • to killing my children, songs of homicidal recidals
  • gutt more bars than death role prisoners
  • I'm scripting unintentional hardcore, you reping bout hitting strip clubs to find bit**we with big butts, getting your drip on
  • I'm retarted to 8 likes
  • You placing tags to make a hit song
  • Now the question still stands, #Who'sTheTrueLyricist? You scripted shît... Run nigga Run!!!!!


  • “no diss” and then you dissed me? And y’all expect the fame and the fortune?
  • Seems like breakin ya own rules is ya only breakout performance
  • You get to break rules and I don’t? That pic must really be drainin ya brain
  • My verses are better, we ain’t birds of a feather but Toucan play at that game
  • Turn Pen to a Zombie y’all already know how I run this shit
  • If this a blind date that just mean you ain’t know who you fuckin with
  • You bout to fuck this whole forum? Can’t try and play me when that’s really pause
  • I’m bout to leave this cornball seein stars like how he bleeps out bars
  • You “passing the script” I make em pass and flip the scriptures, there’s levels to this
  • You the only pencil here, can’t be sharp when you miss lead/mislead, with the pen
  • I’m just too nuts, this shit ain’t a close shave since you talkin pubic
  • Been spittin since before you were born, get dropped before even droppin music
  • Can’t handle bars so these punches got em lookin like Hogan
  • Talkin bout W.O.M.B. till I bust this pussy wide open
  • The way he a zombie who eats brains I’m sure y’all ain’t gonna mind when he dead
  • I ain’t “placing tags” that ain’t the facts, I’m just puttin a price on ya head
  • #Who’sTheTrueLyricist? How bout the one who ain’t rely on usin that tag?
  • Tellin me to run? Ya music is ass, at least I know what to do on a track

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