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Get it how you live no Recordings

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  • How I live? Why are you so curious
  • My energy I give to watch Fast & Furious
  • Still haven't watched it just yet,
  • I work in an area with planes but no jet
  • Man, I really need to relax and take a rest
  • I've been working just to pay tax and recently did a Covid test
  • In fact, I'm washing my hands with that fountain she does best
  • Reading books, the covers, for the info not the looks
  • That man crooks, the only thing I cook is water
  • Baking eggs, without the soda, no son and no daughter
  • Use to live in a room, near Amsterdam all on my own
  • Loved ones went bankrupt, helped them to make live easier with the money they own
  • The bank and how they increase the interest every time like opening Pinterest
  • Now just doing groceries, not worrying about girls and ovaries,
  • Looking for a new phone without all these accessories
  • And just like that, one day has passed, thinking about how life goes by fast
  • To always keep your memories close, because moments never last
  • Still thriving to better than my version of yesterday I surpassed

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