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  • Make a blaze when I spin around the fuckin' lot
  • Might go ape and generate rage on the spot
  • Carbon beam make yuh scream bish get off the pot
  • Needed me some better lyrics so my pad I jot
  • Fire out these rappin' lyrics yellow tape up next
  • Police show up to the scene lookin' all perplexed
  • No hesitation with your fuckin' wife I'll sext
  • I be pipin' hubbies too they be writin' checks
  • Best believe I cannot fuck if you don't use latex
  • Fuck dat yappin' I already got enough dim death threats
  • This next anal session might just get a little intense
  • That boy out? Best believe I'm goan be on offense
  • Slice n' dice a bitch so quick they might call me Juicer
  • I be fuckin' round with gems like I'm Adam Sandler
  • Young ready and I'm fit feel like Texas Ranger
  • Roundhouse a tigga bitch or uh fuckin' stranger
  • I be steady switchin' lanes just to a void danger
  • Got detectives scratchin' heads like they fulla' dander
  • All ya'll bitches are toxic just like oleander
  • Got that special recipe call me Colonel Sanders
  • Bitches know I don't play games like I'm Sea Nanners
  • If you sittin' at my table best damm mind yo manners
  • Else you won't be havin' elbows do you comprehend sirs?
  • Lookin' all day for some clues still ain't got no answers
  • Only one in my city that has popped up lately
  • If you see me on the news bish don't fuckin' text me
  • My boy buck just like a bronco when he ride on top me
  • Feelin' just like fuckin' Tupac all these eyez upon me


  • Rhymes I've been droppin'
  • Dope dope I've been sippin'
  • Dictionary ima been spittin'
  • Woo,yea she wanna woo me
  • WooWoo she's demonic
  • Woo Hoo,not weekend but I party
  • Another woo woo l,dj on the ambulance,siren
  • Marijuana on the table
  • She wants me but I can't be faithful
  • High like heaven and connections like life,I'm like the cable
  • Wood alcohol,my lung got burnings
  • Money and love,that's a mood swings
  • Gave tha bitch some anemone,Dicks
  • Just like skunk,I'm a fuckin' despicable person
  • Wood spirit like Mary,ima be worship on the rap game like dryad
  • Possessions,I'm possessed to this rappad
  • A boon and a bane,like juicewrld i can't reverse it
  • 20 woo gang,pop smoke RIP you're the man,shit
  • A golden key can open any door,but ima sub version of MacGyver,that's peace
  • A little bird told me in my lucid dream
  • Woke up dead and still dont remember a thing
  • I'm not the best but ima put rhythm to stress,just like God on the seventh days I rest,I'm better over the rest in rest
  • Pun,that's playing with words,Eminem

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