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  • They say that time flies when you're having fun.
  • I guess I'm Wilbur plus Orville
  • mix wit Captain Marvel
  • Straighten up and fly Wright
  • you will always yell ShaZZaam
  • flying a key on a kite
  • Im Rakim 20 years before
  • he wrote ,When I be on the Mic
  • I'm that one individual who been invisible
  • but when I be on the mic
  • My periferal becomes Mystikal
  • skeptical about the vaccine
  • i mean, who knows what that Chip will do
  • By the way im Stephen A
  • wit no understanding just twin cannons
  • gun jamming aiming at Shannon
  • screaming ..I'm glad its just Skip and u
  • I'm on my Rafer Alston
  • i already skipped the Lou
  • arriving in Texas from F.L
  • wit them Teddy Buckshots
  • and niggas dont have a Clue


  • never understood the foot fetish
  • you cant fuck feet like toe mater
  • a wet hole will do plus its safer
  • unfortunately thats not true
  • especially ur mom since more guys been in her than a swimmin pool
  • and i mean that with the up most respect
  • however its time to get rekt
  • you are a jerk
  • i cant wait to put you to sleep like a perc
  • so i can cremate you and have your soul burnt
  • i cant have you in the dirt because
  • it will feed the ecosystem
  • that would be dumb

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