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  • I need more enemy's.. My old ones, rest in peace
  • Got too much energy.. Living like, its him or me..
  • Im Never sleep, never will, i be led by sheep.
  • Its a cold world.. And your sleep.. Without a sheet.
  • Stuck in the middle of the street, like the yellow lines
  • Selling blues, and still doing these white collar crimes..
  • My dudes stare at clocks.. we're always facing time.
  • Fuck ya facetime.. Come pull up and you'll face the nine.
  • Niggas tried to box me in.. But its built by a mime.
  • Im Always on the come up.. And ya skills in decline.
  • Ya falling off.. And im just starting to climb..
  • Look around.. Can you find any bars harder than mine?
  • If you said yes.. Then you know that your fucking lying.
  • I fuck these bitches till they start crying.. Like Bitch stop whining
  • Defeat me?.. You might as well just stop trying..
  • Is it Graduation day?.. All i see is ya Cap flying..
  • The God King will sacrifice you to a Mayan.
  • Then throw ya bones to a pack of hungry lions..
  • My mans hit me off with rocks.. But im no giant.
  • I wanna battle.. But all the opps in hiding.
  • Im from a block.. Where you Gotta go down fighting.
  • Flood the trap like Poseidon. Poison in my trident.
  • Not paying any rent... But living like a tyrant..
  • My girl knows.. Im only committed to violence.
  • Pyramid lyrics.. Like Hieroglyphics.. Trill is timeless.
  • They call me spineless.. But there's no booth in my climate.
  • Its hard even rhyming.. In my hostile environment..
  • So if i suck.. Because recording is yalls requirement.
  • Then i still will.. always have a desire to vent
  • Seeking a higher form of enlightenment
  • Corona virus.. Got me watching behind there eyelids..
  • I laugh at the mask.. like watching Jim Carrey.
  • My styles various.. Flavors like Ben and Jerry's..
  • You can keep the whip cream and cherry..
  • I rather whip coke.. And cut throats with a machete
  • Then Watch Belly.. While jammin to Makaveli.
  • Tattoos on my arm.. I got None on my Belly.
  • Juvenile.. I collapsed the lung of my celly.
  • I tried to tell him.. That these punchlines are deadly..
  • I cant throw up.. Theres not even meat in my spaghetti..
  • Im always hungry.. Hunting the streets. Dressed like a junky..
  • Hit the wall like a crash dummy.. The class flunky..
  • But they can't say, That i don't have cash money..
  • Re up, before i sell my last onion..
  • Thats how you have to keep the trap jumping..
  • I won't hit the booth until 2022..
  • By then.. You know I will be the fucking truth..
  • Jump out the truck and shoot at your recruits
  • No rescue for the next group of destitutes.


  • Hook:
  • Loosing you as a friend that's a pain pain
  • Being with baby on a low that's on main
  • heard from somebody Pain is a 1/10 yeah
  • Lyrics:
  • I need to know why you blaming me uh
  • i wanna love ya it was meant to be uh
  • It's hard i gotta focus not on you or mama will go crazy uh
  • Take it off you know i'm not like that you just go lazy uh
  • Pain Pain why you attacking me now just leave me alone now
  • Turning 16 getting older baby you so mad i'm no naughty how
  • Follow me if you wanna start a new life get in that holy water it's fun
  • I love it when i'm off Pain Pain we get naked uh you touching my bun
  • nah just joking we hang around but we make love uh
  • It's pay day at work good lord haters say meet dove uh
  • drip drip drip just push and shove i don't care go wild i can't believe
  • don't care bout haters yeah
  • Hook:
  • Loosing you as a friend that's a pain pain
  • Being with baby on a low that's on main
  • Heard from somebody Pain is a 1/10 yeah
  • Final Lyrics:
  • Speedy out of the studio make sure you follow like it i love it
  • Just chill baby with me we vibing get into it we be getting lit

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