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  • what can you do, when the world doesn't like you,
  • feels like your own pet u feed, goin be the one to turn and bite you,
  • wanna see the world better, but u can't find the right view.
  • tell me what can you do,
  • when you got nobody to turn to,
  • you drowning, erybody watching, but don't got a clue.
  • i'm on a search for maself,¬†call me scooby-doo,
  • searching for ma missing peices, I'm nancy drew,
  • stress is going around me like a hula hoop,
  • never leaves sticking to me like super glue.
  • sometimes, i don't what to do,
  • wish that everything went back to how it used to,
  • when i was happy, now i'm watching videos youtube,
  • to distract me when i'm in a bad mood,
  • feel like i'm a monster in a cute suit,
  • wanna stop ma life, reset it. put it on snooze,
  • or disconnect maself¬† like bluetooth.

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