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I got up out my Birkin, it's workin' She said she a virgin, it's hurtin'!

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  • I swear I hate hobo's! Always asking for money. I ain't got it like that, What dont you understand?
  • Its not like I can slap you with 50 bucks cash in hand.
  • Whatever you write is out of your expense! You're a hobo remember? Your credit score sinks lower than me in Quicksand
  • He thinks cause I'm a mid-class rapper like him, He'll have it easy? Nah his strategy didn't go as planned
  • The only time where you got an advantage is when you asking a teacher a question. Thats when you got the upperhand
  • My guy, I'm sick of your questions! What is there to ask for?
  • You already fucked up with 25 losses, how could you possibly learn more?
  • Looking at that alone is just such a fuckin eyesore!
  • I already have glasses and I'm nearly blind, I don't need to see more!
  • But you're losing a lot....Lets talk about it.
  • Lets talk about how I've been elevating, And you're still stuck on the first floor
  • I can't even call you an underground rapper, you been buried so much to where you cant make it to the next level anymore
  • Niggas been kicking you around, been kickin you up outta here like a field goal
  • I'll put one bullet against the top of his head, now he'll be like a dolphin with a blowhole
  • He already grasping for air, getting suffocated by me. Better keep yo breathing in control
  • But look I ain't even tryin. I already murdered 2 niggas back to back. Rappad promised me parole
  • So for now I'll let you live....
  • But you know why this guy's a hobo?
  • Cause he was dumb enough to throw his money offshore, LITERALLY! Now his boss fired him and took him off the payroll!

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