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38 lines or less i'm bored, let's battle have fun

Max of 34 lines


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  • You want to battle me? I'm honored g but level with me, you're possibly
  • an oddity, if you think you can get out a word before me, no i said
  • death is corny, i deal in raps and stories, monsters live in my mind
  • adoring, I write lines that can cause Cthulhu to scream "you have a screw loose
  • A tragic figure, name of Mina, spent the winter in the grinder, Dracula
  • beaten to death by Satanica, 5'4 broad dressed like reaper bruh
  • death to the shadows, ear to the grindstone
  • Fed to the masters, tears are a mile long
  • Black and white led a savage ride to the house of mine
  • they were all savaged beaten to death in the middle of July.
  • House Lannister, but my oral reports surprise
  • a Stark contrast to your sick combat attempt to talk back, get a bitch copped
  • at and get a quick, dope slap, fish? no cash, better then a burrito is your
  • mind in a frito, call me greedo the gringo i'm ringo the rosie but death
  • for all of you fuckers who slept on me will be swept off of the floor to
  • be fed to the best, mind in the trench, eyes to the west, This the promise
  • of a murderous Wretch so watch what you fetch or you'll be dead in a sec
  • cause Hell has come to deliver the rent, 666 reasons to run for the west
  • better than sex is your death to my head, ever the lead will be dropped on the dead
  • Allah say cala de momma is dead, this fucking rap just makes no sense
  • Why battle, i eat critics, i'm my own worst enemy, try the saddle, it's static
  • i'm the death of celebrities, better be evergreen or i'm coming with axe
  • running slacks and hybrid mask ready to chop the plants
  • you're about to be slashed, Half off at the chopping mall
  • Chopping raw, blood in my jaws, you just got eaten
  • That's all, evisceration came at dawn
  • And fucker like you left the lights on
  • Eight legs went in, two came out then
  • i'm the spider of the winter, fangs are sprouted
  • webs abounding, savage crowning
  • 16 lines? I murdered you in a thousand


  • The dark knight about to rise from the bat cave/
  • Its f you pay me like a bopper on back page/
  • You want these feets or you want these hands/
  • It's about to get funky for you like some sweat glands/
  • When we pull out them sticks like chinese fans/
  • I caught harley Quinn while she partying/
  • Blickie to the koolaid hair like what car he in/
  • Mr. J went that way I'll catch him another day/
  • Bout to throw a party on that pu99y like kid n play/
  • The monkey never shits where the lions lay/
  • Because I'm a about to Jackson like O'Shea /
  • Prezzy G Prezzy G battle game legendy/
  • Got my number 12 Jay's and they all burgundy/
  • You can line em up in a line all vertically/
  • The way I killed the competition autopsy sugery/
  • The bars like Arkham Asylum I know you heard of me/

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