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  • Electrifying insurrectionist, street rebel, I keep level, ask god to flip heaven, and Im like the electrons moving through the wire,
  • Fastest sounds coming from the basset hounds, we proving crews are tired,
  • Democratising the hood, like geometric hawkeyes, with prophetic foresight,
  • My battles got intellectual and sociological undercurrents, but we fight like the corps might,
  • Ballot box, with a salad drop, call it chance, yall ain't destined to elect the leader,
  • Its like kicking the coke habit, only to discover yall desiring better weed huh?
  • Studying the combinatorics of chess pieces, I got the best leases,
  • Paid a 100 without the tracks tantrum, now I rap about that in this fat anthem,
  • Im like the admiral, with no vices, no whiskey or booze,
  • Enumerating my greatness, underestimate, then you miss me and lose,
  • I supplant your mans crew and stay true to the groove, no one else could,
  • Im like the fresh prince, f*ck what a psychometric test thinks,
  • I set fire to your best minks, and decimate the wadrobes of pimps,
  • Competition get inhibited, Im like rappads enzyme, beta blocker,
  • This lifes price is in my sight, thrice right, got cash so I made a chopper,
  • Life got harder, stars got farther, and fools took the hood and blame the coppers,
  • Losing my cool, normalizing combativeness, pull rude stunts in parlors,
  • No longer make a ruckus, while the fake ones think they can gun sling harder,
  • Now Im in the precinct, sweat trickles down me, stinking, that's how cops found me,
  • See why yall wanna act like me? The price of the trife life is steep: your soul,
  • Adrenaline pumping, dreaming the 1920s mafioso lifestyle, always into something,
  • Gunning away in an old wagon, termination of these, hand over the keys,
  • Supply running dry, its do or die, mankinds era, decisive victory,
  • See society is a statistical distribution, much like every collection,
  • You fall on either end of the spectrum, and your life is harder than most,
  • Invited to every party, but I decline, in my mind, I ain't part of no toast,
  • But I eavesdrop on those who fall in the sweet spot,
  • They wanna be me, but can't handle the fact that somedays I had to flip rocks,
  • And smoke so many trees, they call me weed bot,
  • And when I was 12, nearly went to Juvie for stealing a kids cot,
  • Naval commando, never able to trick god, pirates find their ship shot,
  • Free enterprise was the motto, till they got dreams of being the next capo,
  • Now, kid getting a tail by the feds, modernised version of the gestapo,
  • Met a fiend so hungry his next try was to try to rob best buy,
  • Societies becoming a jungle, and instead of the truth, them feds lie!
  • Axiomatic definitions, I learnt about the nature of logic at twenty one,
  • Im like a bursting full auto at a gun range, deep in the waters where nobody come wade,
  • Dreams of barell rolls in stunt planes, and I chill with skill and let the blunt fade,
  • but Im only in love with the sound of silence,


  • I sleep in rhymes and wake up in lyrics
  • Can’t stop my shine I silence my critics
  • No love for haters no time for gimmicks
  • Super fresh and fly don’t roll with relics
  • I drop rhymes on a daily
  • My love rhymes make the girls go jelly
  • Cant touch me mo gbono feli feli
  • Dope rhymer call me Machiavelli
  • Am early I never go late am on your telly
  • Your belly like you dey twist say na jelly
  • Your jerry no curl and your mouth dey smelly
  • I'm lethal wit my lyrics like Bruce Lee

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