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  • Imma Do what I gotta do
  • Trust me you don't wanna see me in a mood
  • I've been locked up in a vault
  • 90 feet underground
  • They dig me up Said it's your fault
  • So you're the one I'm coming for
  • I've got the freeze in my genes
  • Mess with me you'll be buried deep
  • Not metaphorically
  • No I mean the real thing
  • I'm a killer when it comes to my art
  • I ain't even get an early start
  • I'm a prodigy a prophet
  • Impossible to stop me
  • Like Houdini but I
  • never had the keys to my jacket
  • Had to work for it Used my passion
  • Don't really care about the money
  • I grew up poor I'm used to it
  • Working for everything I ever wanted
  • Hope my mom gets an early retirement
  • do everything I can to make it happen
  • She doesn't even know I'm in my room
  • Writing this down it's 3 am
  • Kinda tired but the bed can wait
  • While I ride this beat put me in a trance
  • I can't even feel the blood clots
  • Is this how tranquility taste
  • It's a real real shame
  • That another young soul has to go through pain
  • But I'd rather it be in me then someone else I care about
  • What you staring at never seen a kid
  • Who doesn't want to sleep cause he's scared he won't wake up
  • Took the medication but it just puts me in the mood
  • To write something and put it out for you
  • And Jade thanks for not texting back
  • I never realized how happy I could be
  • Until I let go of you
  • Sure sometimes I see your face and I just break down
  • But hey that's what time is for
  • Showed you all of my real ambitions
  • You told me to follow my dreams
  • So I guess until you come back
  • I'll just keep rapping

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