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Bars my guy

Max of 32 lines


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  • Rap fights on the internet, set em right like the dinner set
  • Eatin' off the hate then bounce like "i'm headed out for cigarettes"
  • I wanted all the smoke, you aint made a single cinder yet
  • My boys stashing toys like the innards of them kinder eggs
  • You aint even seen heat, i'm barely at a simmer bet
  • You copied more lines than the ink off a printer jet
  • Them zero APR bars man . . . no in-ter-est
  • Eight bars in and you still aint picked the winner yet?
  • Nine bars in and you STILL gotta consider it?
  • alright stop . . .
  • It's Johnson & Johnson, one shot, no warning
  • Sick of all the corny lies, it's y'all out here performing
  • like "your bitch is in my crib i'm piping up like an organ"
  • "on my mama", "on my Jordans", man I hope you was an orphan
  • to tell the truth, i aint rich, we thrifty like an 80s fleece
  • but i'm tryna get a hundred bands, like KNB was hating me
  • Acting Like I crossed a line . . . when I made the three
  • now they in my face tryna take these accolades from me
  • And as of late, they all know me as the sober type
  • but i'm really rolling now, damn, I need some over time
  • Thought it was a sweet sixteen, ahhh but we got more sir
  • Please take a seat like Chris Hansen in the corner
  • Say you on the scene but you just posing with reporters
  • No half way crooks, nah, you aint even a quarter
  • You up in your room on them threads like the bed fabrics
  • I was off the wall, locked me up, like the med cabinets
  • Boy come meet my world, i'll let ya know I Ben Savage
  • Call me Mr. Sulfur man, don’t you see I end matches


  • Ya mama got gang banged by the voices in my head
  • Just in case you wondered why you heard those noises from her bed
  • Y’all plan to wear tin foil hats, I’ll just foil it again
  • Gettin yolked in hot water like you boilin an egg
  • Sever ya limbs, bleed from the knees, now you hip with the drip
  • Jackin off to writtens but you still ain’t gettin a grip
  • Hit after hit from the spears, ooops I did it again!
  • And fuck an eye for an eye, I got a fist for ya chin
  • I been with the shits, you just been pretty shit
  • Least you ain’t livin with it, ya corpse stiffenin quick
  • Think I’m playin? Man you sweeter than a Candyland board
  • No mainstream daydreams, they already askin for more
  • Still sharp enough to make waves, no Excalibur sword
  • I made the underground hot like the mantle and core
  • A star that’s down to Earth vs bars without no worth
  • From thoughtful quotes to mama jokes, the heart surrounds my work
  • Ride my wave and get dropped like you forgotten how to surf
  • I throw shots with my whole chest you just an Austin Powers girl
  • All ya favorite rappers white and straight outta Detroit
  • MY hip hop make ya head spin without no b-boy
  • Ask this whole site bout the puppet I ain’t known to give a shit
  • Blew some minds, left y’all lookin like Homer Simpson’s bitch
  • Ain’t nobody had to teach me all my growth has been legit
  • Now this heat’ll turn ya to a vegetable, that’s photosynthesis
  • When I’m rappin a sentence, I ain’t just endin ya career I’m fuckin smashin ya head in
  • That’s just my method: astral projection, I’m above a body without a valuable lesson
  • No music but you a rapper? News to me, took so many of y’all out the loop I could produce a beat
  • I’ll win off pen alone too, fuck can you do to me? I done served more with delivery than Uber Eats

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