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  • So your new, imma put you to the test
  • You got a hidden ego yeah you thinkin you the best
  • Imma let you know im just better,
  • imma take a guess, your 8 You bed wetter
  • Im sick of battling, but your bones are rattling
  • Because if you looking at my scores, outnumbered, im tallying
  • So Wizz Fizz, what you do for a living
  • Well i make money off the shit i been spitting
  • You homeless bum, no dick to cum
  • I pull up on your block, you better run
  • Cos if your not careful, i'll let my beretta drum
  • So watch da fuck out


  • alright, alright, bitch better say goodnight
  • At least i can afford a pen and paper to write
  • I'm like a dog with a chain
  • You unleash me, i go insane
  • All over this track, imma send yo ass back to the dusty crease
  • That you were born in
  • Wishin you hadn't challenged me,
  • You wishin i was foreign
  • But bitch it too late, I'm the one man Wu-tang
  • Might as do my thang
  • Im gonna put on a show, don't even try to stop my flow
  • Cos if you try.... well you don't wanna know
  • I can put you down like a pet
  • Cos honestly bitch i don't fret
  • I'm running out of shit to say to you
  • So go home, dig your grave cos im through

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