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  • This shit is going down no witnesses to come around.
  • Got a 9 mil in my waist. Giving out murders all through the town.
  • Them nigkas hating on me but couldn't come through the block.
  • Everyday it's fuck the cops. I'm on repeat my minds going in and out
  • But I think it time for my other half to come out.
  • My name's Ice Mike and I'm crowing nigkas.
  • If you ain't getting pass me I'm jumping up.
  • These nigkas can't top me so quit playing.
  • So what I don't get air play I make songs for my city.
  • Joliet Demon Baby's coming up.
  • I smoke nigkas. Eat nigkas. I chew up and spit them out.
  • You don't belong here. Time to say goodbye to your momma
  • Cuz you Gon get strayed. Can't hang with y'all nigkas cuz I can't associate with lames
  • Y'all some bitch made nigkas and y'all can't eat at my table
  • Fuck all y'all I'll create my own lable. Take this shit to a whole new level
  • Kuz I can't stand y'all haters smiles so I gotta flip it around
  • Fuck you I'm the Dogg now


  • I will go off at any minute
  • If it's a battle I plan to win it
  • Always gonna spit bad ass sick shit
  • While you are just a sack of shit bitch
  • Call you my weenie cause of this beating
  • You are receiving the entire evening
  • I get aroused by my own excellence
  • There's no doubt I just revel in
  • Being this outstanding gentleman
  • You say your sick now, hope you get well then
  • Like if sick means good, then well means bad
  • I'm so bad ass I've been to hell and back
  • Cops get Hella mad when I'm selling that
  • H but babe I also got some pills in backs
  • You wanna rematch, shit I wanna Relapse
  • End tonight with a few vics, dawg I need that
  • Still has yet to be matched, I use each rap
  • To seize back the respect my family lacked
  • Rap is my outlet, how I use my power
  • I get myself charged and I'll go for hours
  • What I do to rappers they call battery
  • Using shock and awe, they all get mad at me
  • Mind bouces off the wall, my soul raises the roof
  • But I bring the house down by playing my tunes
  • Yeah, I'm a lady killing, baby stealing
  • definition of a fricken crazy villian
  • Better start calling me Mephistopheles
  • I'm so hot, in hell the devils getting off on me
  • My spirits renewed with lyrics so cruel
  • When you hear it you're screwed, fear it you fools
  • Battles, a lot I've won, like George Washington
  • And you are not the one to stop my run
  • Fuck with me and you'll get shot by guns
  • Take your pick you bitch, I got lots of em

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