Battles  Ze_Flame vs b-like_freedo


8-32 bars That's all no other rules

Max of 32 lines


Ze_Flame won this battle!


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  • Just put a hoe in the box don't know what you trying to do
  • I'ma dig six feet deep its a grave for you
  • I'ma make you weep bout a friend or two
  • You not going to sleep cause I'm Freddy to you
  • I'm scarier than all of them, Predator who?
  • Better quit already cause it's better for you
  • I'ma rap how I want it's not about the color or hue
  • Flow so sick I think it got covid or flu
  • Everyone knows you suck it's the colorless truth
  • Bars are hard it goes straight to the booth
  • everyone wants you to shut up you ain't got bars to use
  • When this battle ends it won't end with a truce
  • Chop you up you a big treat for the crew
  • I ain't a cannibal but I'll eat you like a fruit
  • You getting beat by a rookie bitch look at you
  • I'm your server for today and to the one reading this...I'ma serve you too


  • turn off the lights
  • all you see is the dark
  • turn them on and you can see the spark
  • now will you be the prey or will you be the shark
  • choose wisely my friend
  • because this is the end
  • everything you've ever known will be destroyed
  • everyone you ever loved will be dead
  • the soul eaters are finally here
  • all this time of living in fear
  • has now come down to who is the fittest of them all
  • will it be you
  • time will tell
  • until
  • then look at the light
  • is it on or is it off, is it morning or is it night
  • whatever your decision may be , it will determine the outcome
  • of this fight

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