Battles  scxrlet vs PsychoPuppet


Decided to test your lyrical ability. || Rules : Keep the same rhyme scheme through your whole verse.

Max of 10 lines


PsychoPuppet won this battle!


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  • In a few short seconds, I cum/come like masturbation
  • I say fuck the rules, I don't care bout the administration
  • Well Va te faire foutre ! You shouldn't need no translation
  • Pardon my French, no need for an obligation
  • Go from the worst to best, what a transformation
  • That'll catch you by surprise, throw a party, no celebration
  • You have front row seats, ain't no need for an invitation
  • You'll think this is a troll, due to my reputation
  • I've always been one to rhyme, always had a fascination
  • Psycho, don't judge a book by its cover, here's some education


  • This bout to be a troll verse
  • You’ll try and trick me when you go first
  • I saw ya Khay battle, you barely even wrote words
  • Try that bullshit as much as you want and still the world turns
  • In my shadow like a groundhog, still underground like gophers
  • You ain’t puttin on a show for the highway to hell’s chauffeur
  • Challenger vs defender? I hardly even know her!
  • Ya heart get decked by the king’s hands like we playin poker
  • Get the picture? I’m strikin and you just a fuckin poser
  • I ain’t even need a final punchline cause this shit’s already over

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