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Written Rap Only, NO Recording 40-54 lines, can use Instrumental No topic

Max of 50 lines


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  • Young Little Gangsta, what aspiration,
  • I stay elevated, premeditated, no debatin,
  • You magic card tradin out your moms basement/
  • I’m world populating, honestly too dangerous,
  • After this you be evading, change your trade again,
  • I bet your mom wish she could trade you in/
  • I see the weeping, like my X wondering if she see me,
  • Why I don’t like to see her breathing,
  • Cause just like you stepping where you shouldn’t be/
  • Opinionated fucks without the foresight to see.
  • Are you like me? Wonder how many kids I have?
  • Nah cause I closed the door never looked back/
  • nah I’m just playin, I stay strapped up
  • My kids never be like this fuck up
  • Young little gangster don’t make me laugh /
  • My some day future monsters properly re-fab
  • They still better than the street that drafted your ass
  • They Turn a bitch out and laugh/
  • But you got rep, you just click bait, prolly ur only escape
  • Saying hey man don’t bring the hate,
  • It’s just something you can’t change/
  • No matter the screams go scream louder,
  • Money women power, not Thuggin out after hours
  • Hit them books, before your body get cooked/
  • I’m drippin, but I don’t need to shine, but still look
  • Learn something, like you might need a hook, I don’t,/
  • All about the candy paint, working angles,
  • Things that keep me stable
  • Payin my tax man, payin the tax man/
  • You gonna be weisselberg holdin trumps bag,
  • While I trump your girl into my Charlie angel band
  • Got her flowin like a faucet, in the pussy flossin/
  • I delegate, remedy, solidify, it’s remarkable,
  • But I guess business is business and it marketable/
  • But I should give you some vision as I hit this
  • Don’t be another project statistic/
  • Adolescent little gangster, is just mentally deranged
  • Wanna be loved but self hates/
  • I understand, your understood,
  • Surrounded by the misinformed and misunderstood,
  • Go on kid, Hit the library and hit the books.


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  • It’s YLG, A.K.A. the Young Life Gangsta, yeah…the rappin’ thug
  • No sets I claim nor that I bang, but “ what’s brackin’ blood ?
  • If whoever…they are try frontin’ cuz, then I’m backin’ blood
  • Bitch stabbed me in the back, she left my back in blood
  • If the feds step out on the field,
  • they best know… I fight and own guns
  • Hope they get the pitcher ( picture ), before I strike out…
  • if they swing bats like they hit home runs
  • Don’t run…base, don’t try to touch my plate
  • Cause after…it’s gon be pork chops that I ate
  • I catch them slippin’ and slidin’…
  • then I make em eat the dirt, see the worms,
  • put em down underneath ground with those slugs
  • Get em from behind, got a pig's back in mud
  • So chill and cool it, for I go crackin’ skulls
  • Thinkin’ bullshit’s funny, and see what shit’s laughable
  • No crackin’ jokes, y’all really be or y’all just actin’ broke ??
  • That’s poor actin’…they change on you when you stackin’ dough
  • They become traitors, never say I never told you
  • Niggas turn they backs on you like a post move
  • R.I.P. Pope Smoke, so watch ya back like rearview…mirrors
  • Cause you don’t know who’ll appear through…in there,
  • snake’s hiss ( hhhsss ) and I can hear you…niggas
  • Pullin’ triggers, and they pressed my buttons…
  • the wrong ones, like some red ones
  • I’ma kill you now and if you comeback again,
  • then i’ma come back to murder you…redrum
  • I beat you with sticks that bang loud like a sped drum
  • I go Nick Cannon in Drum-Line,
  • line em up…red blood lined…with white bones like a gum line
  • Y’all all blood sucking mosquitoes, that I’m sprayin’ with Raid
  • Y’all all blood thirsty vampires, that I’m slayin’ like Blade
  • I’m slangin’ … this blade, swangin’ …with rage
  • Fakin’ …his pain, bangin’…his brain
  • aimin’ his way, drainin’ his veins,
  • Strainin’ this way, takin’ away his days,
  • Yo…what I’m sayin’ is insane
  • Playin these games and I was hurt when they betrayed,
  • then when they came…
  • woulda been dead from the slashin’ cuts
  • So I grabbed the knife now as revenge and avenge,
  • as I hit all they asses back in blood
  • Took tops off with no heart…like no cappin’ love

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