Battles  MutedDevil vs GK-TRILL


My N.. No recordin no diss no instrumental my N Do your own style guy

Max of 34 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


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  • Night time
  • time to unwind
  • Outside fired nines
  • But inside peace of mind
  • Piece of shit lives mixed well with mine
  • Its how i grew up thats what god decides
  • But there is a prize
  • The money and pride
  • Have a new bitch im cummin inside
  • Sober now but been high for a while
  • Time to get wild
  • Once im on my feet a new style
  • True i be vile in my mind bile
  • Rhymin aisle up my alley what has he
  • Gotten into this plot thickenin with issues
  • Harder than a dick thats on the lips of dudes in the month of june
  • Throw a punch at you faggot dudes
  • Just for a funny line hunger inside
  • Dumb lines combined with a story to analyze
  • It makes sense if you read it over again
  • Colder within sins that have begun with pens
  • At least me tellin you its been hell for me too
  • Before the pen moved
  • Mother did drugs in the livin room
  • As a youth
  • I was confused didnt know what to do
  • Im past due shes dead still no clue
  • Broke life into pieces from the dope on the spoon
  • Made stupid moves using no tools
  • Just instincts that synced how people from the streets think
  • Basically ignorance from drugs and not givin shits


  • My opponents punchlines are still loading
  • 500 error and he's still twerking
  • Stumbling around to the sounds of birds chirping
  • His words are worthless like explaining brush burns to a virgin
  • I wanna bring Rap back to the Era of Terror
  • When a nigga will kill your ass while wearin' all leather
  • Im an Old Soul and this dude is just an Old Town Road
  • With tight bright clown clothes
  • Incels who rather clown hoes, Then turn around and brown nose a man
  • Yall all know who's the ultimate stan
  • That's what happens when your raised by a Beta Dad
  • Face posted everywhere even on the license tag
  • Let the man rest in peace and step up them beats you don't wanna get stepped on by a beast
  • Im a give some of Yall some game for free
  • You see haters will ignore you first then start some shit to quench there thirst
  • To disperse upon you what makes them hurt
  • Shit gonna happen its your reaction that only can give it worth
  • Everybody not gonna like you its not some curse
  • And if she doesn't want you then go and chase the next skirt
  • Because the next death is the next birth
  • Everything can be replaced don't let you name be defaced
  • If it does then it can be erased
  • Think about how many people will kill to be in your place
  • Instead of taking the steel to your face
  • Go outside and start building something great
  • Now im back to Gk Trill, bitch hold still and take this pill
  • Ill have this Bad Bhabie missing like im Dr Phil
  • Im not here to help, im only here to kill
  • Sun you like Bobby im King of the Hill
  • Your mom looks like a fiend by the grill
  • Fuck you all like a pansexual thats how i feel

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