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  • Having a job is like having a hoe they both fucking suck
  • Jobs waste time hoes waste my money and I'm left with nothing but
  • My own dignity but look at what these things did to me
  • They stressed me out so much I lost sight of my ability
  • More durable these hoes ain't got nothing on this
  • You get enough cheese from the ice cream dude sucking on dick
  • Short dudes love to act tall yet fall on wood in rust poop
  • Tall but down on both knees ready to please who your looking up to
  • Your feeling small? Small at all? Be a bitch and clean the stalls
  • If you saw me banging your bitch after hard between the raw
  • My dick is a large bar of soup ready to wash and clean her
  • You can take our dirty laundry to the washing cleaners
  • And when you get back you can fix her and I some dinner
  • Second thought nah i don't like you or my food bitter
  • I ain't no loser like you some goof who lost my shit in her
  • I'm a dude who's huge enough that my shit can fit her
  • So you should consider packing your shit and leaving
  • At home cheated and grieving feeling weak and defeated


  • I don't know what your going on about so wrap the mouth
  • All this crap about you banging a chick that I doubt
  • Only thing you grabbed was the lotion squeeze in holding
  • And with the other hand up and down in a speeding motion
  • You ain't half as attractive as me their investment
  • I bet you don't even shower bro your a chick repellent
  • I'm a aspiring producer who wants to be independent
  • You work in a produce store literally feeling disconnected
  • 10 lines was all that was needed all that I know so
  • You stay submitted to irrelevancy in a chick hold

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