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This battle ended in a tie.


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Battle on April 27 2021 and Battle on May 10 2021


  • Just remember, I have a temper
  • Should I pull a dexter or a hannibal lecter
  • You best stay out of my sector
  • Your words will just reflect or
  • at best turn to dust with no effect
  • It's ok I suspect you have a brain defect
  • Left you unchecked should be crucified for my neglect
  • Now I shall scrutinize until you commit suicide
  • The last battle you seemed tongue tied , that was a bullshit tie
  • Should've drowned in the tide, then again could just be my pride
  • I don't know how you thrive , pretty sure five just fucked your wife
  • feels like I've been battling billy bob thornton
  • your always babbling, scrambling to go from orphan to the king,
  • its baffling you do it without practicing
  • your eyes are blackening from the lack of sleep
  • stop gambling and except defeat
  • you really will see when i briskly rip out your kidney
  • for getting lippy with dixie
  • don't get bitchy you could still be merely equivalent to a shitty brisk tea
  • you thought you were on top
  • then again you probably were if it was a throbbing cock
  • fucken slob your wifes twat just got bought n choked on some cock snot
  • she even brought some home for your son but none shall touch your tongue
  • you've been cast out like an orphan
  • hope you get ran over by a quad sportsman
  • legit just wrote this song out of boredom
  • after this i expect you to be acrimonious
  • so lets see what you got Markus Antonius


  • Damn,Richards Youre like a blister
  • Tryna be a top lister
  • Once Ive touched it explodes and brings an infection
  • Well,listen here mister
  • Your rap battle eagerness needs an inspection,
  • You aint had enough since we tied in two other battles
  • So BL4CK-OUT about to end this
  • Cant Stand readin crap that is emphasised as rap
  • Your lyrics messed up,
  • Must be because you saw Dung Beetle shit is whack,
  • Upgraded and switched to crack,
  • Nigga change the gameplay,
  • take a nap,you dont know rap,you is busy spittin crap,
  • Decrease the amount of crack intake,
  • its killin yo wordplay
  • This is dope rap, not some childs play
  • Challenging me every weekday,
  • Battle in progress for seven days,
  • 13th of May, threw another one when i hadnt responded,
  • Declined it cause of the sympathy i had for you,
  • BL4CK-OUT didnt wanna see a double death combo and you landin in ICU,
  • Yo Rap's bad,
  • That if RapPad,
  • Had some stats man,
  • You would be on the run, like youre Pac Man
  • Thats so sad man,
  • Im a punchliner,
  • Ima punch you now,
  • With em punchlines Huh
  • I joined RapPad a few months ago
  • When i joined used to be a baby but I grew out of it.
  • So Nigga u can carry on challenging me
  • But let me remind you before you forget,
  • What you seize is what you get,
  • Lif is too short,
  • Aint no time to frolic,
  • And repeat em battles over and over,
  • Cause i'll still run you over,(thats right)
  • My rap's like dynamite,goes tick,tick,tick
  • BOOM!!! At the last second
  • Putting you six foot under
  • Deez lyrics powerful like thunder

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