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  • In my room writin out my feelings,
  • Suicide note yuh thats what ya gettin
  • not in my own mind
  • its a smile in disguise.
  • Ready to die,
  • but I tell everyone that I'm fine.
  • Cant you tell its a whole chain of lies
  • Im dying inside.
  • It gets worse at night, huggin my pillow tighter,
  • but the thoughts crash in like a roller coaster.
  • Everytime I close my eyes
  • I picture a thousand things go by.
  • Time after time suicidal thoughts,
  • Ye im trapped inside my mind.
  • Tired of crying myself to sleep at night.
  • Heres a suicide note, ma just hold on
  • It'll be alright.
  • I tried to fight, but I lost
  • and this is the cost.
  • I thought if I pushed yall away the pain
  • would start to fade.
  • I guess I was wrong,
  • yuh im not strong.
  • Ma its gon be okay,
  • I pray to see you another day,
  • I dont want you to celebrate my birthday
  • whats to celebrate when I was Hurtin,
  • My demons are always constantly lurkin.
  • Im sorry for this suicide note
  • Please forgive, please just cope
  • Im sorry for taking that rope
  • But i got nothing else so i got to go hang from my throat,
  • Theres nothing anyone could do for me,
  • I was to far gone from the constant abuse
  • gotta admit my step dad did have a short fuse
  • I feel so lost that i need the noose,
  • please forgive yourself,
  • dont blame yourself, you didnt kill me
  • It was my choice, I love you
  • but now its time to go see juice.


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