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  • He made a song called Respawn, but when you're losing to me there's no coming back
  • Here's a crazy story, GK trill choked in the moment against DRnova now his vision's going black
  • Trill you supposed to be genuine but you low-balling, please don't tell me a low-blow is your first attack
  • I heard you be saying "Imma smoke ya" but you'll be just like tooka. Another pack
  • You're a felon and cant have guns? Well i guess its my turn to send shots. You getting hit every time you come around like tetherball
  • In fact you'll be like a tetherball, cause I'll have you hanging and swinging till there's no life in you at all
  • I came to delete competition, so when i get rid of this nigga. Forget he existed and don't ReInstall
  • We all fighting to tear GK Trill apart, that's why he isn't a main piece of the Free-For-All
  • Trill tryna cool me off, but i bring the heat you'd think i FireBend
  • But he tryna wash me ashore by following the drill wave, Go ahead try to waterbend
  • You can try and be the avatar, but the arrow on your head is where my shots are to send
  • I'll give you the blue-ray high definition experience when this CLIP extend.
  • But im not shooting a movie, im shooting up a funeral. You'll be the first victim and your career comes to a dead-end
  • When i pop out on you at 10:00. Time to Go for a Drill on Trill, that's my NightFury
  • I'll leave him TOOTHLESS, Its safe to say his medical bill ain't help his pockets look sturdy
  • He eating so much, stomaching so much bullshit, now he got a hiccup!
  • But he won't know how to train this dragon, i spit to much heat. Turn this into a Stick-Up
  • And i don't want you rapping about ya Bitch either, ive seen you talk about her...
  • I just may try and FUCK Her, make this sex-tape sick! But there's not gonna be any type of Vaccine
  • Cause you trying to forget what we did is only gonna help me!
  • He a felon, well consider this lock-down, you aint going far if you gotta struggle to even get past me!
  • But if you really a felon, keep it a trill and come do a drill on me. But he ain't about the acting, figures. Cause you got beat by the TWISTED TOY!
  • You made a song called flawless victory?
  • Nigga this ain't mortal kombat. Who are you? Shang Tsung? Cause your girl the only one SNATCHING SOULS
  • She couldn't even suck your soul, and she never ran out of Lust!
  • Its like she was an Nba Team with a first pick, but when she picked you on the first night, you became a draft bust.


  • Hold up i just spit my drink out, this dudes profile says King of Detroit?
  • More like, that water your sippin in Flint Michigan, got you really trippin'
  • You should apply at the Ford factory and start building engines
  • Instead your slipping like a bad transmission, This niggas record is 5 and 7 on the highway to heaven
  • Little kid couldn't show up to a real life battle, if it was after eleven
  • Fuck ya Parental Advisory, if your parents seen this, they would despise of me, My Explicit Content, will make any who witness this Vomit
  • If we was infront of the cameras, then this will be labeled a snuff film
  • Listen, I been in this SHIT longer than corn in dry turds, Trill resides at the bottom of Rappads Iceberg
  • And this dying nerds, lying words and fake bars makes my eyes burn, Everybody has to die, but tonight isn't my turn
  • Ive forgotten twice the amount of knowledge you ever learned
  • I win 60 percent of the time all the time, and you beating me was all in the mind
  • That King of Detroit shit is still wild, i had to look again, sit back and smile
  • Like Wow,i bet little dude is reppin 0 mile, i used 0 energy taking you to the trash pile
  • This is a Freestyle, while you been sitting on that generic shit for a while
  • You can change your name but the barcode on you clones never change
  • Say my name and when you flip it, you better stick the landing or go out handy like the real superman
  • Go ahead and get ya stupid fans, Django loves taking on the Clan
  • Im a Fly Shooter like Michael B and Michael Jordan, And you just told me your worst fear was a Demogorgon
  • Forgive the spelling, im a Demi God with a lighting rod, Not some guy sitting at a desk with a typing job
  • Your lyrics wack like that lyricology nigga who thinks he can rap
  • Now come back when your Reps up, Im off like GodZilla towards Maverick cuz hes next up

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