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Battle on February 11 2021


  • this for the niggas who ain't real who flexin fake grillz
  • you know how I feel always tranna steal. can't even pay your bills
  • yeah this stuff real it's a big deal y'all gon go to jail y'all need ta chill
  • always tranna kill you all make me ill and that's for real Nigga
  • y'all a lame flexin fake chains you say that you a beast but you hard to
  • tame you claim you got a gun but you got no aim and ain't that a shame
  • you claim you and the Gang Nigga what's the name but we know that
  • cap you don't got no strap you don't even know how to cock it back
  • you don't bust no caps you claim that you rap you don't got no Stacks
  • you're never on the track ma nigga you wack you going to get Jacked
  • call me the man in Black you steady doing crack you under attack
  • you don't got no dad everything I said was faxed


  • you said you got dem killas let me go ahead and deny that for you cause
  • i got the shoota stepping with them rugers #big shoota you wanna be a rapper
  • on my level well you a rookie quit rapping and go eat a cookie you might
  • be thinking im a bully well no im not im just a rapper too put other
  • rappers on the spot every battle i plot im that one rapper that got a big
  • squad step up on the plack you finna be the one to die next subtext you on here
  • so you must be a big fan you must be that one black girl that try to get a tan
  • im superman you batman im even the leader of all your clans are you really
  • on here to find romance you got cap in your raps you can be actor not and rapper
  • get down on your knees cause now im your master this whole rap battle finna be a disaster
  • my raps are like a hurricane made to destroy you think rap is a joke until
  • a producer throw you under a boat you wanna be in the hood so bad
  • that you started dressing like a thug got in a gang and was scared to move in combat
  • how bout you keep on swallowing cause my barz getting deeper after im done im
  • gone have all your friends too call me a grim reaper im the leader even your
  • teacher god made you a human but to me you a creature that comes around ask

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