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  • When I crush jewels I'm talkin bout this Gem 'n I
  • Battle, see I'm cancerous so you know this good, I rekon I
  • Should tattle and say that he's half insecure see we got a dilemma guys
  • This is factual he has 31 raps but then I might
  • Add, yo, half of them are hidden, shit I got a question, why
  • do you jack yo own actual dick thinkin you the "Dopesst Rapper
  • Under God" Don't start yappin'
  • Gem tricks y'all into his beliefs
  • 27 year old here to just deceive
  • Since you a warrior lemme launch my battle axe
  • Hits a mach five at the max then swings clock wise, have a slash
  • Matter fact I'm forcing ya in a Cadillac
  • Close and personal with yo cataracts, if add your raps
  • It'll just be a bogus track, your golden raps
  • Are my bonus tracks, The bear you don't wanna poke is back
  • I get big when I freak so I hulk this crap
  • You challenge big shots, in the ground time, oddly suffice
  • Like your toughin' get caught, pow, cry, god let's be nice
  • Psycho puppet killed you with chalk, outlined your body with knives
  • Honestly guys, he got one rhyme at a time like he's holding
  • A shotty to die, but I got two or threeto rhyme right? see multi's
  • So won't the evil me please unleash and choose death, aim bump it,
  • Gem talkin' trash on new heads yet you ain't nothin'
  • Different, see I ain't like the main puppet
  • For this I expect a charity case
  • I know I put this on blast but you barely third place


  • Yo this is a battle...
  • Gemtric..
  • My life rings im flooded im star struck and motherfuckers will not be able to
  • cut it
  • Listen bitch im a tough act to follow
  • Suck my dick and here's a nut sack to swallow
  • wanna get personal, close and intimate?
  • Listen kid im a whole different instrument
  • Mental, I'm not sentimental, I'm intricate
  • Battle and won against people "I guess"
  • since were doing this want a certificate
  • All I gotta do is just talk my shit
  • I'm guilty of being a rapping thief
  • better watch what you say or ima break your teeth
  • Hand to Hand combat
  • you ain't about that
  • you came to lose I came to win
  • I'm a god, I come down to condemn your sins
  • I don't hate ya, like most people 'bout as much as they like me,
  • and haven't found a way to say "Fuck you" politely
  • You see my mouth it's full of rotten teeth
  • I don't care how good you are bitch talk is cheap
  • Unless you get a verse form me
  • I'm smarter than an eight year term University
  • I got a 100 problems
  • Im an ugly goblin or a dirty troll
  • I'll rip your heart out of your chest and leave an open hole
  • They know that im crazy been through alot of pain
  • but coming after me I think that your insane
  • I'm perfect, metaly blurred but I'll cause a disturbance
  • I'm a serpent that spit words that serve purpose
  • (switch)
  • Yo
  • Sharp fangs spitting venom im the sickest cobra
  • trigger finger, twitchy soldier, ima vicious dopeman
  • The King has just spoken
  • Think you can beat me bitch I am unbroken
  • Yeah
  • You wanna talk or you looking to fight I'll fuck up your life
  • if you give me the mic
  • come after me you better think twice
  • you rap like a little clown
  • bitch I'll fucking burn you down to the ground
  • Eminem's the Rap God?
  • I'm the pope in a Cap and Gown
  • if he's retired take that crown and fucking pass it down
  • Howdy partner from Texas don't be frightened
  • I spit just like Luke(GAWNE) powerful with blue lightning
  • better back up your raps man
  • Before you take your jacket off
  • You jack off, you ain't fucking rapping, you just jacking off
  • My mouths a fully automatic rifle blasting rounds
  • hunt you down, Yo I see your grave theres your hole in the ground
  • I don't care bitch, this is my third round
  • Still killing shit I do it for free
  • just like Jet Li bitch expendables 3

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