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  • YE im feeling so graceful dont even try me. YE im running
  • and diving YE "feeling soo graceful" they running and hiding.
  • well im in the parallel galaxy with my mentality. im fearless viciuoss ambitiuos
  • im the BEST! addition. fiction NAH! this is a reality. SPIRIT BOMB! all the things you
  • love is gone.
  • stronger then you'll ever be. DONE! with all the things you ever said to me.
  • means nothing to me. this is my VICTORY! HA done im the number one.
  • you looking at the best better than the rest. obssessed HA! try another one. this is fun
  • your not a real man to me. your already dead to me. simply silly to me. your an empty
  • void going crazy. you demand defeat. when i grant victory. unstable this is fatal
  • wy you so hateful. im graceful.


  • i got the clearest lyrics
  • to compare my appearance
  • cherished like a spirit
  • forget coherence
  • i got your peers endearing
  • the lines on my mind
  • don't volunteer just to remind your life
  • that i'm a rapper that's faster
  • next chapter swagger
  • but it won't matter after
  • i master your staggers
  • i have the answers
  • and the moves like Jagger
  • ill gather laughter
  • at your funeral after
  • you failed to rehearse
  • now you'll get bailed in a hearse
  • you cant reverse that,
  • cuz thats the 8's curse, yeah

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