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  • Better have your colors right when cuz this gang terrain/
  • Who do you blame? it's a shame because the man's slain
  • By a gang called the police
  • Not likely like stay long please
  • Can you picture my specific plan
  • Fitting ya without ma gang
  • This should be illegal man
  • But never once in a gang
  • It ain't where i been
  • Of the rebel gang captain
  • This is why her nigga mad
  • Fly bitch gang we did that
  • If i see it how he seen it, that would make my parents happy
  • I never had a family, except my gang and me


  • Look what Jesus did on the cross
  • seeing M-Sav and his very loss
  • Getting ready for heaven going thru Heaven's door
  • Who's waiting in heaven Jesus is not the fiery floor
  • Lord i'm sorry please forgive me i repent had trouble with haters
  • Lord destroy the negativity spread the positive vibes
  • Aye you think Satan can destroy God no no let's ride
  • When i walk into that church i get a good vibe let's slide
  • You need to be knocking into that sense boy
  • No no no little kiddo Jesus is not no toy
  • Jesus Christ is his name so praise his name
  • Satan you know what now you a big shame
  • I'm a child of God do that dance when i go in heaven's paradise
  • Jesus died multiple times for us yeah on the great cross a sacrifice
  • You think you own the world wow no you don't if you do empathize
  • Born God's way
  • no Satan's bay

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