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Try me. 5 bars.

Max of 10 lines


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  • So little man with light bulb head can freestyle
  • Well, your head will shatter meanwhile
  • Using poetry books for your rhymes
  • When I see your raps, they got no chime
  • You are almost like an AI, botting your votes
  • You are a lag, sorry to give up your hopes
  • You are an MPC, repeating the same lines
  • Broken like your PC, lagging at the same time
  • Your bar resolution is 1000 pixels short
  • Last I checked, all your raps were in the morgue


  • I used to be the first one out
  • Fuck that shit i'm in ya face wit a nerf gun pow
  • Your up now
  • Time to search ya browse
  • Your in search of clout?
  • Go ahead plot your y and x's
  • Yet my index is quite expensive
  • And the side effect is dyin senseles
  • My intent is to have fun with high suspenses
  • As I suspected

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