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  • I never wanted to be the bad guy
  • But I will be if I dont have my
  • Notepad and pencil you'll see a mad guy
  • hope that made it suspensful don't give me the sad eye
  • Yeh who laughing now?
  • No, whos rapping now
  • It's you having cows
  • I ain't got time for the doubt
  • nor do I have time to pout
  • They look at me rapping they say that I'm getting too loud
  • then bitch get proud and turn me up
  • Then turn me back down cause you do not like me arounnd
  • shhh, wait, do you hear the sound
  • It's me stomping the ground
  • To bury you!! so you I cannot hear you shout!!
  • So shut your mouth
  • The only higher podium your on is under the pitchers mound
  • Cause woody he told me to reach for the stars but I threw a curveball that went to the clouds, Can you see the crowds!!?
  • Nah, cause youre to busy bein called out cause you aint catchin these
  • This a master peice oh you don't believe me? just watch you see me?
  • I do this acapella just like my life no beats
  • Time to get the saw..Why? cause I live like my music most of it's done with no Feats!!
  • Oh you think thats awesome fella
  • You musta saw all the creeps rollin with me
  • What you want?
  • Drag, c'mon, bring all the bitch out.
  • And out like a boyscout, brothers always shout.
  • Left in my trail was a bunch of punks bleedin.
  • I told him to parle, cuz he one high jet speedin.
  • And I'm twisted but not like faggots that suck fame.
  • Arm and arm with some dude, with some gangster name.
  • And jam all above, show a muthafucka love.
  • Me I've been worse than the persons I speak of.
  • my speech is not somethin to slander an outlander
  • was original me now its all bands or a snap kick like a dancer
  • hey ain't got the heart to battle us
  • You ain't that big, shit's lookin' like a dress
  • This shit's gonna be fun, be fun, be fun
  • Let us march on 'til victory is won
  • It ain't won till its done and It ain't done till I use my gun
  • And let it hum, or open the fucking mouth and let it sing
  • Watch your fucking blood pour out let it be glistening
  • I don't think you're listening


  • the world is cold baby u know u shine u are my light u looking fine say i love i mean dat you know

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