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  • Altercations with my slight motivation
  • Tryin to be hyped but with patience for this life rearranging
  • Without the strains and shit
  • Hard to maintain a grip
  • Substances i used to love put me in imprisonment
  • I envisioned as a kid somethin different
  • But i lost the mission my thoughts from sippin
  • Was twisted fuck the tea though high as trees so
  • My mind was off the boat in a deep hole
  • No natural flow
  • No passion to go
  • I couldnt act like i know i was stable
  • Because i wasnt i was buzzin lile a shot clock
  • In the streets never shot glocks just copped pot
  • My brain rots from liquor shots in the early day
  • Tooth decay no proof for a reason to pray
  • Or have faith
  • That was my attitude didnt have a clue
  • No sherlock my flow new wave like a surf spot
  • I deserve to be hot for the shit i been through
  • My pen sends you through my different moods
  • Spittin no booth just sayin my truth
  • Most playin a fool
  • Thinkin they cool but are just sheep
  • That never stuck with me
  • Fuck it i just dont agree clearly like shards of speed
  • Its hard to be
  • Yourself and survive in society
  • Anxiety makes me think everyones eyes on me


  • I was always on your side
  • Until i found out you lied
  • I was your best friend, your guide
  • You choose to set me aside
  • My insides have now died
  • I tried to provide
  • But your the one who cried
  • The fact is you tried to hide
  • I thought you would have been my bride
  • But no all the other men you eyed
  • I had to take a ride
  • And take my pride
  • As i walked with a disappointed stride
  • All we did was collide
  • Next thing i know im running from a homicide
  • I was modified
  • I will not be denied
  • They have all lied
  • Now they've all died

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