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Let's do like a hype song mix.

Max of 64 lines


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  • Mr Money man I'm Losing my mind because of you
  • Mr Tree Honey i'm Losing my mind nothing to pursue
  • You think i'm a Vampire well i can tell no cause i'm human
  • Need to tool you i guess c'mon boy get that whole crewman
  • I wanna do some bloody things to you ooh get that karma
  • I wanna do some moody things to you yeah go go drama
  • Losing my mind over you ooh


  • You know what man
  • You are a real clan
  • I'm gonna give you props
  • Yeah, after you call the cops!
  • With my raps I will slam you
  • Hell nah there is nothing you can do
  • You know, man
  • That you are through!
  • You said you had expositions with your visions
  • Yeah that was a horrible decision
  • I feel that you need to choose
  • The christianity religion!
  • Hell is only as a prison
  • While Heaven is a sanctuary
  • Thank God Christ has risen
  • Oh just to take care of your bloody mary!
  • Yeah I am rebellious
  • More than the Phantom Menace
  • My rhymes are precious
  • Go back to stupid ol' Texas!
  • Mother sucker I am rebellious
  • You are going to be senseless
  • For I am the expellious
  • Hell yeah I am rebellious!
  • You were talking of how I reuse my rhymes
  • That is definetly truth
  • I have committed better crimes
  • Which were right in front of the restaurants' booths!
  • I could not believe I wasn't gonna lose
  • I even wanted to have some booze
  • You've got some real issues
  • To just want to screw with me!
  • I'm rebellious
  • Hell yeah I'm reckless
  • Mother sucker you can suck on this
  • Fall into the abyss!

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