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  • xxxredemption bitch
  • with the xxx and the 666
  • i been blowin out brains i been loadin up clips
  • i kill all the trippin bitches with my guns and my fists
  • but the police never catch me because fuck 12 they a bitch
  • aye, i aint complainin though
  • outta jail with a hoe
  • cops tellin me go slow i tell em fuck it gotta go
  • lemme change the flow
  • all these bitches tryna keep me down
  • but instead i buzz myself and smoke the whole damn pound
  • ya now im known for drugs and known for violence round my town
  • just so you know none of that bullshit is true
  • i kinda want a cleaner reputation just for you
  • you dont need that weight up on your shoulders thatd be screwed
  • up
  • quit blowin up my phone
  • when im in the fuckin zone
  • im tryna write these raps just whenever im alone
  • my skills gotta get honed
  • all these pussy rappers get the fuck out of my home
  • if not i pull the gun and knock your brains right out your dome
  • mixin da damn juice with the oxycodone
  • with these feelings that im feeling dont think i should be alone


  • I hit em and i kill em and i put him in a spot YE! im a GOD! YE kamehameh
  • is that all you got HA! dont be messing with a GOD! YAH! your a saiyan but
  • im a GOD! HA! try me despise me oh wait you cant. cuase your allways a level
  • bellow me HA! fear me. nothing could ever divide me now watch me with my GOD
  • KI! hi its nice to meet ya. now im gonna have to blast you with my GOD KI HA!
  • its time to die BYE!. now look your dead now they gonna have to bring you back with the dragon balls
  • HA! now bow down HA! .dont even try me im crazy free and unleashed im a beast
  • im faster than lightning im shining your crying its not a lie DIE wy try. tie NA! you gonna have to DIE! easy like pie good bye multiply
  • nothing is gonna beat my GOD level! BRR GOD level! BRR. this will be known for your defeat
  • profanity sanity you monkey. this is how ledgens are all made. besides your a minority.

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