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  • Yuh, You don't even wanna try me
  • If I ain't in yo house, then stay away
  • Put my game in yo mouth
  • And I aint frontin since the day I was born,
  • I got my own city
  • Never goin through war
  • From the west to the east
  • Stay on my grind, where my chains cling
  • You know how we do it we balling and our hearts ring
  • And my fans in the back
  • Just to watch the boys swing
  • So try me
  • Ride like me and go go go go
  • No need to turn yo mouth I aint textin no
  • And all them hustlers keep talkin like they aint know
  • I see some girls that I know can do most anything yo


  • I'm trying you right now lil nigga, whatcha gonna do?
  • Don't care if its your house, I'ma still run up on you
  • I don't want your shitty ass lyrics in my mouth anyways
  • You're so damn retarded, capping till the end of your days
  • Got your own city? Why should I care? As if the niggas like you around there
  • You never want war? But you say you're hard
  • Nigga stop capping, I'll fold you in your own front yard
  • Put your fuckin face on a t shirt, wrote this in 2 minutes, very low effort
  • You're so damn ass I'll win this still
  • I mean shit, I've even beaten GK-Trill
  • You want some online hoe to suck your cock?
  • Just touch some grass, put down the fake glock
  • Tryna act like you a hustler, but nigga you ain't shit
  • Probably write your raps while shitting on the toilet

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