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This battle ended in a tie.


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Battle on April 27 2021 and Battle on May 22 2021


  • Does anyone freestyle anymore Your just as good as a pc whore
  • I'll save you the gore cut to the chase as I come through the door
  • I expect imma get hit with some more mumble rap
  • Just checked n that shits still crap
  • Let's see what u prolly ganna say bout me. Fucken hillbilly possibly, yellow teeth
  • It's not about the looks it's about your speech
  • Y'all always trying to overreach
  • It's a blind rap but do the math
  • We're both coming into this not knowing which lines smack
  • Let's just see if you can stay on track, hope your shit ain't wack
  • This ain't even an attack. There's more flow pockets then where u sat
  • You could not even wright a freestyle if it fell in your lap.
  • Hooked now dial down your crap
  • I can show you respect
  • if you don't come at me with a defect
  • Try to make it a little perplex
  • Or at least add a complex
  • If your gonna try to blow me away
  • Your ganna have to come at me like your playing on stage
  • Or induce some wich craft and sage
  • Just reduce your dick shaft n walk away.


  • Lookin at yo previous battles
  • Wait what battles??
  • You a fuckin new comer
  • You Bout to go six feet under cause you blunder
  • Stay gold, stray old, maturing means that your life sucks
  • European model white bitch is eating donuts
  • Organized crime, I kill your boss
  • SOS, Save our souls. Make me boss.
  • Sweet lyrics like candy floss
  • Yo flow whack like rick ross
  • take it slow on crack my boss
  • killin yo mind, my win , yo loss
  • this battle aint for an applause
  • Strangle you with my bars
  • 30 jars of crushed skulls
  • my syllables aint dragging
  • Dragging on the ground, thirsty for elixir
  • Don't wanna be a sinner
  • as you commit suicide seen me as the winner

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