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  • I rap like I wrap, every bar is a present,
  • so present that your girl flows so rapid that's apparent, word to your parents
  • They look at you all depressed with your merits, they tell you "son please call it quits"
  • You shoot yourself in your carrot, ain't that right rabbit, drop this bad habit
  • I'll turn your bars into a full metal jacket while I jack it, the critics look at you n spit
  • You think they love you as if you a def poet, you got me fucked up
  • You must be fucked up, please continue to sip, your mom just passed out,
  • bro you came out the closet, I saw your career on indeed, it was labeled non profit.
  • Blood stains the carpet, stab holes like a period.
  • At times I wish I was you, just kidding, future at my door, ding
  • Splash in the game like Sting, make you tap to the scorpion thing
  • You gave the president your best bars, just like the constitution, he ain't fucking remembering,
  • He ain't remembering crap, my every word is a straight slap, my every word is true, no cap
  • Let's scrap asap, map out my flow, half way through your kidnap, your flow makes a kid nap
  • Bro watch me snap, I smell something bad, oh that's your bullshit


  • see people talking bout your shit, like you drop heat with each verse
  • acting like "you run the streets" okay, lets see what your worth
  • This “bum’s” writing “Need’s Change” never puts in the work
  • I'll put a “nickel to his mug,” now “he sleeps in the dirt”
  • You’re records looking like “Rehab”, I mean you have a
  • Bunch of “users without dope lines”, I’ve seen the data
  • You get “gifted” all your wins; I can see a pattern
  • “you gotta Box with no names like Secret Santa”
  • Pheil, I'm not calling you a bitch for nothin
  • step out of line, I'll pistol whip a kid for bluffin
  • grip and tuck it, when it's time to shoot I'm missin nothin
  • first time HIS "metal rang off" is when he "kicked the bucket"
  • getting tense/tents? then take a hike… pack it in, your old and tired
  • who'd even let you on tracks, you should have no desire
  • when I'm on site with the squad, they get around an open fire

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