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fuck god and ur bitch ass

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  • Fuck your prison, fuck your life
  • I used to have a nine to five
  • You no good like a stripper with a "a" cup
  • I mean what fuck? what the actual fuck?
  • Fuck your bars, fuck your demons,
  • She likes the way it hits her lips
  • The birds i knew flip birds
  • Fuck the haterz, fuck the doubters
  • Half my peers, they're stretched for years
  • Fuck the haterz, fuck the doubters
  • I'm hoping that this letter reaches you
  • Fuck reppin red fuck reppin blue,
  • U say u fuck with me i dont fuck u
  • Might be leaving with me before the night is through
  • Um, wolf gang, that's the fucking clique
  • And surely gonna fuck u... fuck u down deep
  • Fuck it, its hip hop and niggas don't give a damn
  • Fuck of man u smell like a garbage can
  • So i guess that's where i hide my things
  • Fuck u, u don't get a sign of prevalence
  • Ma answer is simply fuck u,
  • Dear sweetheart, wassup boo
  • Now u wanna fuck u haven't got that tool
  • By those that were slow as molasses, take this shit to school
  • For the outlawz, here we come
  • "see i won't be a bum"
  • Now get the fuck back hoe
  • Ok you think a nigga shallow
  • Den i put that ho on the welcome mat
  • Fuck you fuck u off and move to the next lad
  • Now u wanna fuck u haven't got that tool
  • All the while my mom askin' why i'm truant at school
  • Maybe we just need to slow
  • You fuck around and get killed hoe
  • All my peers doing years beyond drug dealinghow many caskets can we witness
  • Leaving your gore to pore, hoe u ain't winning so stop being ambitious
  • And everyone knows u cant turn a hoe into a housewife
  • Folarin never walk in prada and talk of a price


  • You think I believe in god
  • Well you must be a fraud
  • I know you hoeing with the holy books
  • You put your dick in all the nooks
  • You deepthroat the bible deeper than your grave
  • The Tanakh pages that you crave
  • So shut up, you are a sin
  • i'ma tear you apart, wear your skin
  • You get so pissy on the internet
  • You are trapped like a fish in the net
  • Your bars are lower quality than 90s television
  • Everything in your head plays like federalism
  • Dumbass born in 2006, full of hate you are filled
  • Mark this on the calendar to celebrate the official day this dumbass was killed
  • You are the definition of pollution on social media
  • Ignore and thrown around on the media
  • So how about you learn to take a joke
  • Or soon you'll have a stroke
  • You fuckin the holy books, making weird church kids
  • You try to hate religion, but you really just blow off kids
  • How about you suck your dads dick
  • I know that pussy you don't lick
  • You always google all of your raps
  • You will lose your brain with all the cap
  • Oh, that's right, your brain is already non-functional
  • You'll turn so pink in rage you'll look like a strawberry
  • Autocorrect? You do for your lines
  • Wikipedia? You do for your rhymes
  • You think I need 64 lines
  • You must have been mental all this time
  • Ugly Old Mutt Dumbass the first
  • This battle, took you years to rehearse

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