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has to be a song about like demons inside or suppressed rage people testing you

Max of 30 lines


Reaperofwords won this battle!


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  • i keep these fucking feelings locked up in a steel cage
  • 6 years of suppressed rage
  • mother fuckers wanna test me
  • the monster inside wants to be let free
  • they keep testing the strength of these chains
  • the cage strains
  • bitches dont wanna be brave and say it to my face
  • they better hope i dont put them in their fucking place
  • i dont give a shit how big or strong you are
  • i still take out my AR
  • you bitches think im weak
  • well ill show you that im a fucking freak
  • just cuz i aint buff as fuck
  • doesn't mean you should try your luck
  • hell i dont even know what im capable of
  • ill come from above
  • if you knew the shit ive come up with for others who have done wrong
  • then you would know that i can become strong
  • dont judge me for the shit i do or say
  • if you haven't had to go my way
  • im afraid that when i finally lose my cool and let him out
  • that yall be looking for a new route
  • when hes free he'll take control
  • you'll be running for a foxhole
  • so dont fuck with me
  • if you wanna live till twenty


  • I've been seeing prison bars split up with acid
  • I've seen big fires burning up houses
  • I've seen you in your sleep your eyes closed, harassment
  • I'm the dust to your eyes I hope you don't have it
  • I'm really legit I've been champion of rapping
  • You've seen bars high but have you when bathing
  • Your flowing like water but it sinks in to the drain
  • I am the drain use your words none to say
  • You cuss at me but you can't rap without cursing thinking it's cool, I know when your blushing
  • You call me many things but your actually nothing, I've haven't even started but you haven't said something
  • Your the salt in my spoon you can't even turn sweeter, bitter as crap I know when your stopping
  • You call me and call me like Moses huh shadows I'll finish you up and you'll turn into ashes
  • All these passes your fizzin, big sprite now im winning, come on bro keep on spitting
  • Like a Genie your pretending we know when you ending like these broken shatters your bleeding
  • I'm gonna knock the hell outta ya you reply like em bitches when I see ya you'll be fishing.

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