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This battle ended in a tie.


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Battle on May 10 2021 and Battle on May 22 2021


  • Fuck you and the clique you claim fake fuck just hoping they bring you some fame
  • Open your eyes this isn't a game turtle brain
  • It's disgustingly wild Your girlfriend's a child
  • Didn't know kids were your style Heard her parents went and filed
  • Your no longer going to be a closet pedophile
  • Got your dick sucked Sick fuck your Pricks stuck she sits up
  • N can barely see out the windshield of your truck
  • I hope you wreck n with one step your Gear shifter becomes a projectile
  • That goes transrectal n Right before you turn to Ash You choke on a large mass of glass
  • That was forcefully shoved up your ass
  • Crack fuzz unlawfully shaved in your face
  • Annihilating your prosperity Violating your dexterity
  • Leaving you a paraplegic Hoping that your anemic
  • As God told Noah he was bringing on the flood
  • He also told me you would drown in your own blood
  • Hey William Wharton
  • Stop touching untainted proportions, you Ruined her life
  • Now she has herpes with extra spice
  • Her parents refuse to let her be your wife
  • She only thinks your oversized
  • Because her body isn't developed enough
  • To do the things you want to try
  • The difference between you and me let's see
  • I play everything by ear; your on video getting fucked by a queer
  • I like fucking ladies; you prefer fucking babies
  • I need competition; you rather pick em up n just sniff em
  • My shit turns into beautiful renditions you just keep doing fucked up repetitions
  • You shouldnt of gave me this ammunition I don't feel any contrition
  • Admit she didn't even have a permit legit I predict your unfit
  • This crime you will recommit this is grime, to young to be in her prime
  • You didn't wait enough time , your fucken slime
  • Not worth a dime, it's time to have some anticrime So I smoke you with a chime,
  • now it's time to spread some lime
  • Are you proud of your life
  • I hope you slit your wrist with a knife
  • Or grab rope n transmit twists jump n take your life barny fife


  • Alright
  • You lil pet want to battle
  • Well its on
  • Come on kids, fuck that class and hit that bong
  • Blind battle waiting to explode in your face like a fuckin bomb
  • I don't care who I bomb, hell I'll bomb Vancouver,
  • Can restart the battle and still run you over
  • You're never the winner, always the loser
  • I will never be a quitter , Or a big broad loser
  • Big Sean, Wale, Vado, this the future
  • Future wives and future husbands, yes we were young and
  • Seven, what's religion nigga? I am legend
  • 21 wins and 1 legend
  • A straight thug motherfucker who ain't scared to bust
  • Fresh to death that bullshit irrelevant
  • Battle weighing on u heavy like an elephant
  • im so intensive my flow inventive ill leave you pussies soar like birthin an elephant

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