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  • Young money, yo (2), mmh !
  • This bitches don't flex,
  • They telling me money is what I do hate,
  • Tell em bitches ain't rich,
  • Look at my flesh biggy vibes, what a flex!
  • I ride on his dicks,
  • Still what I do want is Yves Saint Laurent,
  • All this diamonds are cooler, so Rick is the ruller,
  • Your chains are all shame,
  • You gon drippin like him,
  • Not like that thang,
  • All this hoes fuckin em,
  • They tryna to flex,
  • So bitch what's the thing,
  • You acting like Thula, is a thing we don't pull up,
  • And we ain't gon do that,
  • Showing off you are lame,
  • Imma gon flex with ma diamonds, ma chains and ma Ferrari,
  • Imma fill the safe with lots of cash nigga,
  • I ain't a cheetah, barbie queen ain't a bottom feeder,
  • Oh yeah I'm godbless, I'm success no more fuck stress,
  • Rapgod, shotta, guerilla, the killer,(HUGA)!
  • Rapping ma thing,
  • Ain't no more boos in ma song,
  • Millions of cash,
  • But you a real reaper,(SKRRT)11
  • Gimme the thing that I want,
  • Fill up the safe not the tank,
  • Gon pay you no benjis man,
  • Unless you do what I do want,
  • Or else KIW KARASH like Karate man(HUYA),
  • Imma chop ya baby boo don't eat that,
  • So I do keep up like Derek Jeter,
  • 999 on tha wall,
  • Keep it fast,
  • Don't watch it back,
  • Cause demons are feeders,
  • All this niggas are haters not cheaters,
  • I'm sure they gon mess up,
  • Plus QUEEN is my name don't call me by my name,
  • You talking lots of shit,


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  • Yea yeaaa
  • I'M a Champion
  • Neva back down fo anything
  • I neva quit till I reached the goal, because am the unbeaten champion
  • I keep my head up high like I'M flyin in tha sky
  • Haters can hate
  • Got my supporters on my side
  • We gotta get back to what really matters
  • I gotta do what I gotta do in dis world
  • Tha world is cruel now
  • Yea I'M a champion
  • Haters gonna hate when I'M goin to tha top
  • Got my sistas by my side
  • I always tried my best
  • They had to put me to tha test
  • I had to stop bein stressed nd depressed
  • Thank god I'M blessed
  • But I'M a Champion now
  • Livin my life now as it should be
  • I'M a Champion
  • My sistas is 2
  • yea yeaaa yeaaa

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