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  • skirt....yall already know who it is man boom bow ye look im the queen u know its me u mad cuz you gonna get beat tryna look at my post and copy me nah thats just a wanna be i makking this cash really fast while u on your couch all relaxed i dont got time for no little girls sitting in class tryna roast me all gased we strating this race u in 3 place that tuff i got the medal u can tell im special u tryna rap but your thoughts are trash this is no game its the rappad get it in your head its time to think fast u tryna talk all that smack but cant back it up its ight tho i feel this heat comin up woo.


  • Yo you already know what it is
  • You wanna talk shit
  • Well its time to get serious
  • Hush all dat fuss
  • You ridin a bus
  • You dont wanna fuck with me cuz i can get dangerous
  • Now look at you nervous
  • I did that on purpose
  • You is jusy mad cuz you cant pay for service
  • You is a clown
  • You should be in a circus
  • Everybody know that im spittin these versus
  • You is very ratchet
  • And you is worthless
  • Oh now you sad
  • I said that on purpose
  • I said what i said
  • And didnt break a sweat

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