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  • I see my last two letters didn’t send well to writing in my jail cell I’m a criminal original miracle Camp chiller in the tunnel and the animal kill another couple is it possible to figure out this puzzle double trouble with both your bubble y’all are terrible I’m on unstoppable I’ll make this painful
  • Teacher used to put me against the wall so I thought of hurting her get 44 years for murder all the lyrics written from pure tricks
  • Kill you with a Machine gun just a broken assassin just let it happen the way that I’m actin add in the stream I’m a go main stream MTV
  • Go in there with a AR15 arsenic killer mike in the pencil I think careful or mental you’re special with my potential I’m gonna be successful you’re just John general oh no that’s so hurtful I’m a commit a federal crime single time that I rhyme
  • Bullets stab you in the head with the instruments my intelligence under the substance kill someone’s cousins go to convince this medicine there’s a comparison and all the sudden red button loser oxygen living in the dungeon criminal Liquid twisted I’m gifted no limit Townhall on passionate Tylenol gelatin medicine with this adrenaline just having fun I’m hustling jumping suffering I feel something busting keep listening I’m the first king seeking million while recording I’m a criminal individual original I’m invisible illegal stuff is irresistible double miracle kill every syllable till I stop being humble
  • New reminder fire side for another I’m going to hire entire you better retire your time has expired walk a couple miles expired it is required the way that I’m wired never got hired Craig while you’re getting mired and I realize I have to remind myself with every cell in my body I don’t say sorry On a killing spree I’m a criminal Unimaginable Mystical no medical comparable lyrical criminal aye

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