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  • Ok first thing first
  • My daddy buys me a chanel purse
  • pockets stay full
  • never weak
  • go on vactions every week
  • ohhh
  • that dress looks ugly
  • your body looks musty
  • I'm rich can't you see, You
  • wish you could be me
  • tehe
  • Ew Whats that smell
  • anything i want with a ring of a bell
  • To rich makes my day clean
  • your built like a servent
  • poor babyy


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  • (Verse 1)//Khay//
  • They always said that words can't hurt ya until these bars dropped
  • Now there's a murderer on the loose, and it looks like your alarm's off
  • How could you know that your spare key isn't where you placed it
  • You stumble in like you'd been drinking shit that was laced with
  • Sleeping pills, but you're breathing hard, and your hearts racing
  • You can almost feel an intruder, did you hear him hiding in the basement?
  • Pacing back and forth, it's Jack Kevorkian, but what's that hatchet for?
  • He's done with patience, like Patrick Bateman the way he's all up on ya
  • Come to life, like magic made him step from beyond the entendre
  • He's got patches stained with blood, who would be creating such a monster
  • Why you did Franken, every bad statement you made has come to haunt ya
  • Nothing can save ya, from the cracks and lacerations as he starts to hit harder
  • No relief, the pain is lasting ages, and every swing seems like it takes longer
  • He's all red matching Satan, it ain't your imagination that the pain is growing stronger
  • How did you create a revenge exacting sadist only to forget it would turn back on ya?
  • You wanted to get back at those who showed you no respect and treated you like an insect
  • So you sold your soul to the devil, thinking it was your only path to success
  • Well, today you turned twenty-seven, and I hope you said your goodbyes because he's come to collect
  • (Verse 2)//GK-Trill//
  • 21 grams, that's the weight of a soul, the same price ill take as a toll
  • You won't make it to 28 years old, your fate will be placed on perdition's road
  • When I put on the black coat, I'm looking for all the weak ones that, lack hope
  • Writing in the devil's bible like a Death Note, I'll body your best quotes
  • On hades river, I'm doing backstrokes, waiting on these fat blokes
  • Another completed mission, souls in my briefcase nigga like Pulp Fiction
  • I Will kill a Christian without sinning, to tell the truth, I'm nothing without religion
  • When I study the bible, I'm really trying to study my rival, he's your buddy and idol
  • Now your essence is on trail, your souls been in the pawn shop for a while
  • I'll pay for it with a smile, then go and add it to my pile
  • You know i eat rappers with a forked tongue, man fuck a gun
  • Just speaking my name, will start to blackened your lungs
  • Show some respect, im the one who took out gods only begotten son
  • The black angel over your shoulder, that will make you a soldier
  • The army of darkness, lowered into the dark without a harness
  • I started off good, then my reputation got tarnished
  • Now i buy these souls for cheap, without bargains
  • Bitch im the hardest, the alpha narcissist
  • Me and my hellcat waiting until midnight
  • To release the targets for a bloody harvest

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